Divine Forgiveness

Elizabeth is due to marry Jackson but he runs away with another girl on their wedding day so she goes phycotic and starts murdering men in engaged relationships. William is in love with her and finds her, tells her that he loves her. She loves him too, she goes to a mental ward and when she comes out they live happily ever after

I underlined the last sentence on the wedding document before thrusting it away from me – sick to death of the sight of legal paper work.

   “Well done. That’s the last thing we need to do.” Elizabeth turned to me, smiling, “Thanks again for the help.” She began to gather the work together and slipped it into a folder.

   “I just want to do my bit for your big day,” I shrugged. She was my best friend. We had known each other since we were born. I guess it was natural of me. She looked up at me. Her bright blue eyes glistened delicately in the sunlight. She had fairly dark skin that was flawless. Her light brown hair waved gently down to her shoulders, with a straight fringe covering her eyes slightly. She smiled a perfect smile, her white teeth shining.

   “William, you’re already handing me over at the wedding, you’ve helped organize the reception, you’ve done most of the paper work and your paying for over half of all this! I think you’ve done your bit” She motioned speech marks in the air with her fingers on the last word. I laughed and shook my head, standing slowly. She followed and walked round the table to embrace me. I opened my arms and held her to me. I could feel her warm body against mine as my heart sped up.

   “And yet some part of me still thinks I haven’t done enough.” I sighed, looking into the soft light of the candles, providing the only flicker of light. The patterns on the wall swirled and twisted up to the ceiling to a carefully sculpted from stone rose. An intricate painting decorated the stone ceiling. The image of the Virgin Mary gently holding the tiny, precious baby in her arms watched over us, protecting us.

   “I really must be off. Jackson will be expecting me home soon.” She glanced at her watch and scurried out of the church, throwing a wave over her shoulder as she left. I watched as the large, wooden doors closed behind her. I gritted my teeth and smashed my fist on the table. I blinked back the pathetic tears that tried to escape my eyes.

   “You really had to go and fall in love with an engaged woman, didn’t you?!” I hissed to myself. I am ashamed to say that I fell in love with Elizabeth. I never found a new woman after she got engaged. I’ve known her ever since we were children. Her parents died and she moved to the orphanage with me. We grew up together. When we were old enough to go to boarding school we both went to a school in London. She is the closest person I have. Jackson was her husband-to-be. There was something odd about him. He never really seemed to be one hundred percent in the relationship as she was.


The End

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