The Fire God

We have to explore the idea, why did the pure flame that is you, how, did the pure flame extinguish itself?

Your eyes search the horizon, there it is, just a slight glow.. iridescent, hovers just above the line of sight.  Something wrong, a malignancy stretching tendrils towards us.  I get upset, I can't move inside you but, I do relay my thoughts and you smile, your eyes shine, we welcome the fight,,,,, after all, our power is great.   The evil light creeps along, I feel a tug, something is pulling at us, trying to ensnare us.. we are too strong. 

The thing stands up, tall, undulating waves of energy, the arms grow from the side of it's body, the face contorts going from light to dark. Sickly green oozes from the trunk of the body.. Fire surrounds the feet.

Our foe my love.. I feel my power go out of me and I realize you have taken it all.. do you have enough?  The air is electric, sparks play around the tips of your fingers, your body ignites, I feel the cold flame and deep inside you, I sigh.. 

You are the Fire God..

The End

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