We Are One

Powers that we share, beyond anything anyone could ever imagine.  We turn it on and off as we please and, it pleases me to please you. I remember that first time, when you wrapped me in your arms, when your powers flared and ignited us together. 

I knew then, there would be no me, without you.  My power was small, weak, insignificant compared to the glowing hot flame you produced.  The pure blue light, the cold feel from the conflagration that raged in you, that was you.

We razed many lands, and they shook at the thought of us, we walked where no man could, we took what we wanted, the world was ours. We were...  Happy..

What has happened?  Where is your heat for me?  Where is the cold blue flame that seared us together and made us one?

I touch you, you feel cold, I speak your name, your ears don't hear, the light doesn't play across the pupils of your eyes for me anymore.  Tell me what has happened?

I find you laying on the floor, your eyes dark, no light, no life, silence fills the room the silver streaks of hair crackle with fire no more.  I stare down at you, I cannot live without you, what would I do?  Who would I be?

I feel the burning, start, way down, deep inside, it comes forth, it causes the saliva in the corners of my mouth to bubble, my hair glows bright orange, I call on all the will power I have.  I stir it, my brain thinks one thing, you..  I must save you..

Fire explodes from my body, I feel my clothes blow away, I look down at my hands I can see through them, like x-ray. 

I lay on top of you, immediately flames, pure, fresh, hot, engulf us, you fold your arms around me and draw in my heat.  I feel the energy flow from me to you, my head spins, I know you are taking too much, I wimper slightly, you hold me tighter.  Pulling my head down, your mouth covers mine, you draw my last ounce of breath.. I surrender myself, my fire, my soul, my life to you..

Without you, there would be no me, we are one.

The End

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