Divine Fire

And there you were. I could not touch you. I could just watch the bolts jump away from your body, carefully watch. The elders didn't know what to do, they didn't know who or what you were.

I sat in the back, quiet, pensive, would it destroy me to touch you? The elders sat around in a circle, I was the only woman allowed because of my opposite powers but, I still had to recede, take my place in the back. Oh I could have pushed my way to the front of the circle, they could not touch me, my power of fire, but, that would have been disrespectful..I sat back and watched.

After much discussion, it was decided to just leave you where you were. I didn't want that, believe me I didn't, I watched your body glow and then return to dark. I wondered, during the period of darkness could we move you.

The elders shood me to my hut, I peeped out the crack in my door, I had to be patient. I had to wait. I had to know.

The night went deep, all the moons were gone, now just the huge white clouds covered the sky. It wouldn't be long before the silver rain would start. I couldn't leave you there. I had been caught in the silver rain once. I looked at the side of my face. The long scar ran from the top of my ear to the corner of my mouth, the elders said I had been lucky, usually the silver rain tore the flesh off and melted the bone below, there were many in the compound with disfiguring scars.

I had timed the changes, ten minutes charged, twenty minutes negative, that would be the time. The last ten minute charge I held my breath, soon as the bolt disappeared, I ran over to you, rolled you onto the stretcher and struggled to get you to my hut, god what a huge man. Soon as I had shut the door, your body charged again. I had to shut my eyes it was so bright, I covered my skin the charge was so hot. I scooted over to the far side of the hut and hid behind a table. Your body charged and discharged over and over, I guess because of the move.

Finally after an hour or two, you started to move and the changes started to slow down. I moved slowly, creeping out from behind the table. I still covered myself with my shawl.
Your eyes opened, how beautiful they were, the golden five point stars, the pinpoint of gold at their centers. You fixed them on me and I watched the electricity dance from one point to the other. I couldn't move, I was mesmerized.

When you stood, I raised my head slowly, I wanted to follow the eyes, your seven foot frame took them up.. Electricity danced along the sides of your hair, the long golden streaks.. Could I put my hand out and touch it, would it burn me?

The men in the tribe could not compare to you, not because they were so bad or so poorly made, a simple fact you were magnificent.
I moved to the chair, something made me feel..weak...funny, I was hungry, but not for food, for you. I had to sit for a while and you let me, I had to stare deep in your eyes and you turned full face to me, I needed to touch you and you walked forward.

The glowing in my hands was a sign my power was not under control, my head spun, I had no way of stopping it, I was afraid for you, afraid that for the first time I would hurt someone I..loved.

And that was it, I loved you, it went through me like a fever, I couldn't breath, the crashing in my ears was like thunder.. Trying to stand, my hand went out, and you caught it, caught me, pulled me to my feet, folded me into your huge arms and gave up a charge, hotter than any fire I had ever concieved of.
My eyes met yours, dizzying heat, my mouth met yours, if only I could consume you, rapturous release, something I'd never known, divine giving of my power, of myself to you.. We are one!

The End

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