Singing Carrie

I skidded across the kitchen floor in my socks and then grabbed a spoon out of the dish drainer and belted the chorus of my favorite song into it, twirling the rag that I was supposed be drying with over my head.

"Carrie dear," my mother called from the other room, "You're father is sleeping."

"Oh yeah," I gasped, cutting off my song and going back to drying, "Sorry."

My poor parents. I was sure by the time I left the house, they'd be able to raise just about anything. Finishing the spoon, I resorted to softly humming and finishing my first saturday chore. Next was folding laundry. Oh how I loved my iPod on mornings like this!

It didn't take me long to fold since it was only me and my little brother's clothes and I began piling it all into my arms to take it from the living room and into our bedrooms. I also had to put the laundry basket away so to save me a couple trips, I simply put it over my head and made my way down the hall.

As was my usual luck, the doorbell rang. I heard my mother answer it and then direct someone my way.

I laughed and looked through the holes of the laundry basket for a place of refuge, but it was too late.


I spun around, spilling clothes everywhere, and lifted up the laundry basket to see my neighbor.

"Oh!" I giggled, pulling out a headphone and slightly blushing, "Hi."

She smiled, "I need a babysitter for the afternoon. Would you mind?"

"No, not at all. That'd be great. What time?"
"Just one-thirty to four. It's already one o'clock, sorry for the short notice."

"It's fine. I'll just...clean up my mess and be right over."

She grinned, "Thanks Carrie!"

I chuckled to myself. It didn't matter if I was a few degress off the coast of normal, wore my socks mismatching, or still played in the rain, somehow my neighbor (or at least her kids) found it in their big hearts to love me for it.

"Hey freakshow," my little brother, almost thirteen now, came by and slapped the laundry basket on my head as he passed.

I smirked and tossed a t-shirt onto his head, knowing he felt the same way, though it'd take holding his gamesystems hostage for him to admit it. 


The End

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