Dividing Marci

Marci and her friends are graduating from high school, and they're each discussing where they are going to go from here, while Marci wonders if her life will even allow her to go to college at all.

PS~ This is sort of just like an intro to the story (hence the no dialogue). I'll look forward to seeing how you all elaborate on it! :) (Also, please ignore the breaks in the sentences. I'm sorry about those.)

     Never have I remembered such blue skies as these, welcoming and warm. They seemed untouched by the trials of life, and all that's been happening in the past few years. I look around at all of them, smiling, happy. My friends. For these couple of
hours, it's been easy to pretend that the past few years haven't even happened.
As a long silence washes over us, though, my hidden thoughts come creeping in

     The past few years have been so chaotic, like a whirlwind, spinning everything out of control. Emptiness fills my heart, and sorrow fills my veins. And having heard
all of the hopes and goals for their futures, a deep absence consumes me,
because I truly don't know where to go from here, or even if I have an option
at all. But let’s start from the beginning.

     In the beginning, exactly six years ago this month, I moved here from a tiny town on the shores of Oregon. If it had been for less dreadful purposes, I would have probably been happy to see the rows of palm trees that lined the vast Charleston coast. I would have danced in the warm waters, and watched the sunset in the evening without having to wear a jacket. But my mother had just died, and without my father in the picture either, this was the only place I had left to go to. Here
on an opposite shoreline, with my grandparents.

     I was twelve years old, and I was dreading my first days at a new school. I felt like I was living a stranger's life. Even when I went home, I was living with grandparents
that I vaguely remembered from when I was three. That first day of school, they
literally had to drag me to the car, and when they dropped me off, I panicked.
All of my fuss had made me late, and I had no idea where I was going in the
jumble of people.

     I started to run, and in my dismay, I dropped my book bag. A kind girl picked it up for me. She smiled at me and helped me find my first class, and continued to help me the first few weeks I was there. That girl was Scarlet. My first friend in a
completely unfamiliar place, and soon she introduced me to all of her friends.
The ones I'm sitting with today.

     Scarlet was the outgoing one in the group. Everyone looked up to her. If someone had a problem, she would be the first one they would go to for advice. She had an air about her that just brought everyone together. It was almost contagious.

   The year she left was really hard. Her dad found a new job in New York, and none of us heard much from her after that. At first she would send us letters, but then the letters came less and less, until we barely heard of her at all. We all vowed one
thing, though. We would all stick together, no matter what happens.

     Things went well for a while, and the more time I spent with these
friends, the more I realized we each had a very important, very unique role in
each other's lives:  Carrie was the new outgoing one that sort of took Scarlet's place, in a sillier, bubbly way. She was the jokester, who kept everyone laughing; I was the smart one. I spent many an evening helping friends with homework; Brea was the poetic one. The dreamer; Adam was the sporty one; Kimberly was the practical one; and lastly, Sean was the organized one. He had everything all planned out, and he knew what he wanted to do in life. He always had. He wanted to travel. Things went well for a while, and then they got complicated.

The End

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