Birthday GiftMature

The elves and vampires have been living in peace for 23 years. After their union, all races were at peace with one another and it was a grand time to be living in.
However, the air shifts and old enemies return. The one hope resides in the conflicted elf/vampire prince, Jacob Dragomir, and the werewolf Tetra.

I could sense her anger from all the way in my office. I quickly put my quill down and left my office. I followed the feelings to the second floor. She was storming down the hall, her black hair flying behind her and her green eyes furious.

"Jacob Dragomir!" she screeched at the top of her lungs.

I stopped her. "Lillian, calm down my love," I said but she glared daggers at me.

"Don't you tell me to calm down, Roan!" she snapped. "Where is Jacob!?"

I sighed. "First you need to at least take a few deep breaths."

She glared at me. If looks could kill....

She obeyed and closed her eyes.

"Now what did he do this time?" I asked.

"He desecrated Adelpha!" she screamed, her anger returning and my jaw dropped.

"Jacob would never do that! Are you sure it was him?"

"I caught him doing it!"

"Well, what did he do? Did he break the statue?"

"He turned it to face the wall!" she yelled and I did my best to stop a laugh from escaping my throat.

"He turned the statue," I said slowly, "and that's how he desecrated it?"

"Don't talk to me like that, Roan," she hissed.

"Sweetheart, are you certain you're not... overreacting?" I asked carefully. "I mean, you are three months along and you can get-"

"Just shut up and tell me where our son is!" she yelled, putting her hand on her belly.

I sighed. "I'll go with you," I said. "I don't want you murdering the boy before he gets to meet his sibling."

I offered my arm and she took it tightly. Lillian Greentree always had a short temper. I couldn't blame her; not when a demon possessed my elder's body to try and force our son to become a full vampire. We thought he was trying to make her a vampire when the demon was starting to manipulate our unborn child.

Unfortunately, the barrier that had separated out two worlds had killed our first child when Lillian crossed it to warn her elder. Lillian had still been terrified when we got pregnant again, though, and kept her distance from Elder Donne. It upset him but he understood. With this child, she was being cautions still but she was more open to Elder Donne being in the same room.

We reached the greenhouse and Lillian threw the door open. Our son didn't turn around. His back was facing us as he ran a finger down a dead leaf. He muttered something in elvish, reviving the plant.

"Jacob," she began and I sighed.

"Lillian, go make sure the staff are still working on the dinner," I said, sensing my son's true emotions.

"Roan," she hissed but I pushed her to the door.

"Go," I ordered. She gave me another dark glare before slamming the door shut. I turned back to Jacob. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Jacob finally turned around and crossed his arms, leaning against the table where the plants were.

"What's there to talk about?" he asked in a low voice. "Yes, I turned it around. But do you know how creepy it is to try and study about Caricus while Adelpha stares at you?"

I smiled. "Yes but you know how your mother feels about that statue. Now what's really upsetting you?"

"It's my birthday," he said.


"And yet, after 20 years of life, I still don't know what I am," he said.

He flopped down on the floor and I knelt in front of him.

"You are my son," I whispered.

He glared at me. "What kind of son looks like me!?"

I sighed. "What do you mean, Jacob? You are a very handsome young vampire and-"

"But I'm not a vampire, Father," he snapped. "At least, not completely. I mean, I don't even look like you and mother! You have red hair and Mother has black. Me? My hair is so blond it might as well be white! Your eyes are blue, her eyes are green. Turquoise, Father! Who has turquoise eyes!?"

I waited patiently until he got it all out. It was true that he was unique. Aside from his elven ears and fangs, he thought he didn't look anything like us.

"You know what I see?" I asked and he looked at me. "I see your mother's nose. I see your father's lips. I can sense your mother's temper and your father's gentle side fighting with each other. I see your mother's ears and your father's fangs. I see my son."

He pinched the bridge of his nose.

"That's easy for you to say, Father," he muttered. "I can't even leave the palace without people gawking at me!"

"I know you're not going to want to hear this," I said and he started to groan, "talk to your mother about that."

"Why!? She'll just give me some stupid metaphor!"

"Actually, you'll find she knows more about how you're feeling than you think she does."

He huffed. "All right. Where is she? Can you tell?"

I tilted my head to the side and searched the castle. I chuckled.

"I'll go with you. It seems she's ready to give you your birthday present."

He looked interested and stood, following me up the stairs to his bedchambers. I felt bad for him and wished I could relate to his feelings of being an outsider. The best I could do, though, was remind him of Lillian. I've lost count of how many times I've told him to talk to her about it. Maybe now he will.

When we got to his bedchambers, Lillian was fussing with the box and I smiled. She always wanted everything to be perfect. Inside were my parents, as well.

"Happy birthday," my father said, hugging Jacob and he returned it.

He kissed my mother's cheek as she beamed at him. She made a gesture with her hands and he laughed. Somehow, she was able to communicate with him like she did with my father. It didn't surprise me too much. My mother spent a lot of time with Lillian while she was pregnant and I had a feeling her presence is what gave Jacob the ability to understand her.

"She says it's time for me to cut my hair," he said and I chuckled.

His hair went down to his shoulder blades but he didn't want to cut it. I knew it was because he wanted to keep part of his elven heritage. And yet he was still at odds about his ears. This kid. I laughed quietly to myself.

Jacob had always been conflicted growing up. He struggled for many years about accepting his identity. There were many nights where he and I sat awake as Lillian slept. He confided in me that he wanted to experience both lives without having to ostracize himself more than hose around him have. He had a few friends, mostly servants that were born around when he was, but others gave him a wide berth. It broke Lillian's heart and that's when she did some research.

"Okay, time to show him," I said, pulling her away from the box.

It was shaking slightly and Jacob hesitated, looking at us. We nodded encouragingly. He untied the black ribbon and took the lid off. He dropped it, his mouth agape.

"How did you find one?" he breathed, taking the rattling egg out carefully and placing it in the fire.

I smiled. "Your mother spent at least three months poking around."

He stood up immediately and hugged Lillian.

"I'm sorry I moved Adelpha," he mumbled and she laughed, crying a little.

"Happy birthday, sweetheart," she whispered.

"When will it hatch?" my father asked, looking at the egg curiously.

"When did you get it?" Jacob asked.

"One month ago," I said. "We've followed the proper guidelines."

Jacob nodded. He was an expert at these things and I could feel the waves of excitement pouring from him.

"Then it should hatch in...." He trailed off, counting on his fingers. "Five hours."

"That soon!?" Lillian gasped. "But the book said it would take six months!"

"Come here," he said and knelt in front of the fire. We joined him and he pointed at some of the dots. "See how they're darker?"

"Yes," she nodded, leaning forward.

"That is the indicator of how old the egg is. You say you got it last month? I think it was probably five months old when you got it."

"Five hours is pretty specific," Lillian said. "How can you tell that?"

He smiled. "Because it's already hatching, Mother."

"Where!? I want to watch!"

I laughed softly. Lillian was always so fascinated about things new to her. I knew her anger with Jacob was gone. The air around the two of them was tender and I loved it.

"It's in the back right now," he said, getting comfortable. "But, if it follows the typical pattern, then it will crack from the top down." He smiled. "Did you mean to get a girl?"

"It's a girl?" I asked, sitting on his other side.

He nodded. "The shell is pale pink. Can't you tell?"

"Nope," Lillian said, crossing her legs.

"Your eye color makes it to where you can see colors we can't," I said softly and he flushed a little.

"It's starting!" Lillian gasped, pointing to the top of the egg.

The End

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