"I wasn't hijacking," Three said defensively.

"Really? Then what were you doing?" Five asked in a nonchalant, condescending tone.

"I.. It's not like they care! They shouldn't leave their boat out-"

"Can't they leave it wherever they want?"

Three watched his cruel smile unfurl.  His green eyes were so light they looked gray at this distance.  She couldn't help but stare into them. 

"Mom wants you back in the house."

She waited.  He didn't say anything more.  Three pushed her toes into the sand.  The cool feeling of the grains across her feet was soothing in an odd way.  She looked down at her feet, and realized that she had given him the upper hand.

"You'd better not be late.  Again."  Five turned slowly and walked steadily up the small shelf of sand towards the cottage.  Three gripped the stone tightly, her knuckles white.  When she could no longer see Five's night black hair, she three her projectile in the cottage's direction and laid down on the sand.  She couldn't contain her emotions any longer.  Tears slipped down her face as if they were little children racing down a slide. 

She didn't want to remember what had happened earlier that day.  She didn't want to listen to her brother and go to the cottage.  Yet, she couldn't compel herself to move from her spot on the sand.  Her desire to use the boat had vanished.  Three laid in the shade of the trees on the sand, wishing that she hadn't made the same mistake yet again. 

Myowrr.  Startled, Three  looked up to see Five's cat.  She didn't notice him move from the boat.  She buried her face in her arms yet again, ignoring the cat's shrill whimper.


The End

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