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Rather than the VTOL, a pair of armored swat-like vans had come to pick us up. The ride back to base was quiet, nobody really cared to talk. Everyone still in costume just sat down, gently rocked by the turns and twist of the road. We had fought for maybe two minutes, but it had left us all exhausted, my heart didn’t seem like it wanted to calm down; it kept beating frantically.

The rogues had gotten away with some of the truck’s content but we’d gotten away with two of theirs, who, as evidenced by the lack of fiery explosions, sat quietly in the other van.

Volley was the only one doing anything, operating a first aid kit and checking to Victoria’s injury, which bled lightly, the cut was long but shallow, he applied a foam like spray to it which seemed to staunch the bleeding. I wouldn’t want to be the person in charge of cleaning our costumes or the truck, the fight had left us grimy and sweaty, with some bits of Victoria’s blood here and there.

Kenzie put a hand on my shoulder and rested her head on it. Of all of us, she had to use her power the most for routine things like moving and attacking and it had left her drained. After what seemed like an eternity, the van stopped in an underground garage and we were let out.

From the other truck, the captured Rogues came out, a dozen agent of the divergent activity response team escorting them to what I presumed were holding cells. Royal went along with them peacefully, his hands in handcuffs. Burner was still under the effect of the sedatives she’d been administered before going into the van and had to be dragged.

The others started moving and I followed them, We took the elevator up to the first floor of our building and we all entered the dressing room. There were stalls for the shyer members of the team and that’s where I went, unbuckling my costume and hanging my mask for the night.

“Uh…” Kenzie whined, as she finished removing her costume, using her ability to undo the metallic contraption. “I’m beat.”

“That was exhausting.” I muttered, “I doubt I’ll be able to walk to the front door, let alone go home… Are fights always this exhausting?” I’d been in two, technically three if you counted the Amarok and Volley exercise and all of them had been exhausting, on the other hand, unlike them, I wasn’t in the best of shape.

“Yes.” Stan answered, removing his own costume. “The adrenaline keeps you going over your usual limit, you give it a hundred and twenty percent so you can seize a edge, kind of like the stories of a mom lifting a van to save her child you hear about. However it’s not good for you to push yourself, you’re bound to get hurt so when it’s over, you need to heal.”

“So hungry…” Victoria said. She didn’t need to change but she stayed with us until we were all done. She’d washed up the blood that had stained her fur and was left mostly wet, occasionally shaking to get the water out of her fur.

“Go grab something to eat and then go see the doc, that scratch on your back look nasty, I don’t want you to get and infection. The same goes for you Hedron.” It probably wasn’t that bad, Victoria had a thick hide and a cushion of fat under her skin to protect vital tissues. Hedron on the other hand had a sharp piece of metal in his arm, probably a gift from Local.

“I don’t like the doc, she’s creepy. She’s always examining me and taking samples of stuff.”

“She’s a specialist in protean biology, Studying you is part of her job and it could save your life.”

“Do you want me to come with?” Chuan offered.

“I’m not a baby, Chuan.”

“If that’s the case, stop acting like one all the time.” Hedron said.

“You’re an asshole Hedron!” Victoria snapped, baring her fangs.

“Stop it, both of you.” Stan said before either of them could add any more oil to the fire. “Hedron you apologize, now. Victoria I want you to go to the doctor now. If you make me repeat myself, I’ll have you two suspend for the next two weeks without pay. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” They mumbled at the same time.

“Hedron?” Stan said his name as a nudge.

“I’m sorry Victoria. I’m just having a bad day.” It didn’t sound all that sincere.

“Apology accepted.” Victoria said, more ritually than meaningfully, before walking out, presumably to go to the doctor’s office.

Once we were all changed, we headed upstairs to the lounge. Kenzie took me by the arm.

“Want to go watch a movie in my room, unwind a bit?”

“That sounds nice.” I said, following her to her room.

The individual rooms weren’t all that big, but they were still bigger than mine. For one, they had width.

Kenzie’s was simply decorated, minimalistic black wood furnitures, a bed with purple covers and many, many pillows with a tv hanging off the white and purple walls where landscapes hung. I noticed an easel stored in one of the corner, by the room’s sole window. 

“I love your paintings.” I said.

“Thanks, the black canvas one is my favorite. I just loved doing it. I have a few more in storage, those are just my personal favorites.”

She sat down and began undoing the straps of her braces, there were a lot of them and it took her a few minutes to get them off.

“My poor legs.” She said, massaging them. “Sorry if I’m whining, you probably don’t want to hear me bitch about it but it just fucking hurts right now...”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to hide your symptoms.” I said. “Do you want some help?”

“You’re an angel Paige. There’s some cream on the table next to you, hand it over?”

It took me a second to find it. I gave it to her and she rolled up her pant’s legs up to her thighs and started massaging, applying a generous coat of cream. I couldn’t help but notice that she had very nice legs with some fleshy filling, unlike the thin noodles that I sported.

“That’s good.” She said. I couldn’t help but feel very awkward. “Now that my legs have been finally appeased how about that movie?”

“Sure. Whatever you like is cool with me.”

“It’s great we get to hang out again. We’ve kind of been distant since you joined.”

“Kickback’s got me swapped in things to do.”

“Yeah, the initial training is very demanding. Doesn’t help you’re doing normal schoolwork on top.”

“No much of a choice there.”

“Everyone but you and I are in on the guardian’s cyber schooling program, but personally I wanted to have things outside of the guardians. You should ask Kickback about it if you want to switch over.” 

“I think I’ll stay in school with you.” Saying that made me blush and I looked away for a moment.

As we spoke, she picked a horror movie and we sat in the bed amidst the sea of cushions and using her blanket to cover our legs. We sat down rather close to each others.

I was not a fan of horror films at all. In fact I couldn’t stand them… But for Kenzie, I would have watched anything.

When the first scare happened, I jumped.

“Are you okay, Paige?” Kenzie asked me.

“I get startled pretty easily.” I said, still tense.

Under the covers, her hand found mine and we interlaced fingers. She shook a little and moved an inch closer to me.

It was one of those movies that had a lot of jump scares in them and every time they happened, I ended up getting closer to Kenzie, practically clinging to her halfway through the movie. Still, she didn’t seem to mind.

“Paige?” She asked after a while.

“Yeah?” I turned around to face her and realized how close we had gotten, our heads were only a few inches apart. Suddenly, I was aware that there was a certain sense of intimacy between the two of us, she looked a little... red. She let go of my hand and she took my head in her hands, I could feel her warm breath on my skin, she slowly leaned in and our lips met.

My ability for rational thoughts died there. All I could think of was something along the line of Ohmigod!!! Ohmigod!!! Ohmigod!!!

The movie didn’t exist anymore, it was only Kenzie and I. Thousands of nerve endings firing up at the contact of our lips.

I just followed her lead, starting slowly, with an almost shy series of small kisses, progressively speeding up, getting more and more intense. Her hands moved, holding my at the hips, I shuddered as they moved into position.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.” She whispered breathlessly before going back into the kiss. The tip of our tongues met and joined the fray.

Ohmigod… Kenzie likes me. Was the extent of my thought process.

The movie kept going, but we didn’t notice. In hindsight having people being butchered as the background music of our intimate moment was weird, but at the time it didn’t matter. All that mattered was us, just two girls inebriated by the emotion of the moment.

One of her hand found it’s way to the nape of my neck, while the other caressed the outside of my thigh, her weight shifted until she was practically leaning all of her weight on me. I shrunk back, breaking the magic of the moment, replaced by an increasing sense of dread, my legs trembled and I froze, breaking away from Kenzie.

Kenzie’s had brought back dark things I’d wanted to forget to my mind… This was just too much… I couldn’t handle it anymore…

“Paige?” Kenzie asked, surprised by my change of behavior. “Are you alright?” She tried to touch me and I jerked away.

“I have to go.” I muttered. I couldn’t breathe. I had to get out…


I got off the bed and started walking, a cold sweat had begun covering my body, I pushed the door open left, Kenzie called me again, but she didn’t follow, not without her braces on. I wrapped my arms around myself as I made my way down the stairs, In the lounge Stan and Chuan were together, with one standing around the couch while the other sat on the arm rest and they were talking. They noticed me and called me out but I didn’t answer.

I had to get out...

The End

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