This is strange

The bartender starts his journey towards the wine cask with heavy steps.
"Wait.", says the guest, causing the bartender to stop and turn his head around. "Don't you want to see money first?" The bartender doesn't reply at all. "Because I don't happen to have any.  No gold or treasure either.""You're a funny one, ain't ya.", says the bartender, going back to his place to continue cleaning the mug. It's quite a dirty mug and the bartender takes his work very seriously.
The guest takes a look around the bar as if he couldn't be the only one in disbelief about the bartender's behavior. Ultimately, he asks the bartender: "Don't you want to ask me what I had planned to pay you with?"
In response, the bartender looks up from his mug and stares at the guest with lowered eyebrows.
"I mean, it's strange when someone comes into a bar and asks for a beer without having any conventional currency with him – don't you think this is strange?"
"This is strange.", says the bartender.
Feeling the bartender is slowly starting to get him, the guest pronounces: "This evening I would like to tell you – and all the captivating individuals gathered here...", he turns around once completely, looking over his chosen audience, but nobody pays him much attention, "an entertaining tale."
The bartender looks down on his mug again and continues with his work. Somewhere in the bar, someone or something coughs loudly. Finally, the bartender says: "Start talking."
These are the words he was waiting for. Hoping that, eventually, more people would listen to him, he starts telling his tale...

The End

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