Wherein a Dive Bar is entered

He closes his eyes. Subtle movements within the sea of sand underneath his feet. He's wearing thick boots, but he can feel his body's center of mass shifting ever so slightly. A quiet, yet unignorable crackling noise from below contrasts with the soft sound of the sand in the wind.
He knows exactly from which direction the beast is creeping up on him. He can feel it slowly rising to the surface. He just has to keep his calm.
Within an instant the beast breaks the surface and lets out a terrifying howl which silences every other sound in the vicinity unchallengedly.
He opens his eyes. The beast is bigger than any other worm he has seen before. A foul maw full of sharp teeth comes at him.
His mind is cleared. Instinct has control over him.
One arm's length seperates him from the beast.
"Become ash."
A blue flame appears and devours the worm instantly. Within a moment, where once used to be an enormous predator, only ashes remain, waiting to drift away in the wind.
He moves his hand across his face. It's ash.
He hates worms.

Eventually, he arrives in the palace's less striking, surrounding town. It's a big, lively city and even in the middle of night it's full of life. He can easily blend in with the crowd without catching anyone's eye. He wanders the town's winding alleys to quieter districts until he reaches one of the town's Dive Bars.
On the door step lies a big, fuzzy mat made of blue wool. He rests both of his feet on the mat and shakes himself, causing numerous water drops to jump out of his mantle and seep into the mat.
A Dive Bar such as this one is a meeting place for those particular individuals who traverse the waters of the In-Between to reach foreign worlds on the hunt for adventure and treasure. Human beings, creatures and everything in between – they are all simply called World Divers. Among the figures lurking there, he wouldn't stand out even on closer inspection.

The End

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