A sort-of introduction to World Diving

Originally the prologue to a much longer story, now published as a short story in four pages with each page titled catchily for your reading pleasure.

An ocean of shining silver sand. Here and there, a giant palm tree sprouts from the sand carrying long, dark blue leaves. In the midst of this landscape stands a white palace, its tall towers clearly accentuated on the night sky. Thanks to the three moons shining overhead, all of this can be seen clearly, but he would find his way even in the darkest of nights.
Of all the worlds he knows, this one has got to be his favorite. But not just because it is gorgeous; returning here always makes him feel like coming back home from a long and tiring jorney – even though he can't remember his actual home world anymore.
Every now and then a drop of water falls from his mantle onto the sand. In theory, his mantle shouldn't be wet at all. However, in practice, many things don't work like they should when it comes to travelling between worlds. Even an experienced World Diver can open a channel to a world he has already visited hundreds of times before, only to instead find himself inside a giant, carnivorous organism. That's always inconvenient.
Suddenly, something's moving beneath him. It's barely noticeable, but he has learned to sense such subtle movements in the ground and read them. It's a worm. A big one, too.
He hates worms.
Dangerous predators which can move beneath the sand almost undetected despite their enormous size, making it nearly impossible to anticipate them – until they abruptly emerge from the sand.

The End

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