I hadn't been arrested before and hadn't expected to be arrested. It wasn't like I'd committed any crimes either. So when police strolled into the bar I worked at I just ignored there presence. No one here liked police. They were back stabbers who had left the rest of us to rot while they strolled around showing off their authority. 

The only authority in district ten were the gangs. You always belonged to one for protection. If you didn't people would yell at you for it. Anyway, back to the police which glanced around the bar. "Hay Robinson!" the yelled.

"Yes?" I questioned.

"You're under arrest" the police grunted.

"What?" I blinked as the partner yanked me out from behind the bar and cuffed my wrists. "What do you mean I'm under arrest?!" I snapped. "I haven't committed a crime in my life!"

"Take that up with the prison guards where you're going"

"Prison! Do you fucking know who my boyfriend is?" I screamed struggling as the police dragged me out.

The police punched me in the gut pushing the air out of my lungs. "Is that a threat?" he growled spit splattering my face. I spat back in his own face and a fist came across my cheek. Stars sparkled in my vision as I swayed on my feet. The partner threw me into the back of the car not giving a shit when I knocked my head on the window or when he slammed the door against my feet.

I groaned my body aching with pain from the abuse. Soon enough though we arrive at the police station which is a complete dump. I know I won't be given a trial. People from district ten don't get that courtesy. 

So I'm sat in a cell just waiting for Ray to notice I'm gone which won't take long seeing as I was meant to be back ages ago. He is always panicking I will run away. He doesn't turn up though and I really start to panic as I'm bundled into a van with another man.

The door slams. "You okay?" he asks.

"No" I say sitting up.

"I'm Leon. What about you?"

"Hay. Hay Robinson"

The End

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