Hay RobinsonMature

I sat at the doctors awkwardly hearing the cry of babies as they suffered from the most deadly of illnesses. I looked round trying to tell people through their masks. We all decorated them. Like how the gang members tattooed themselves. "Miss Robinson?" a women called. I stood up and went over to the reception. "Room two"

I turned and walked to the room entering to find a doctor scanning a computer screen of an outdated computer. "Sorry about the wait" he said. Wait, I'd been sat in the waiting room for two hours which was more reasonable than usual. I stayed silent. "How are you feeling?" he continued to which I stayed silent. He glanced over at me with wild eyes. The only real feature you could see.

"Just get to the point, doc" I said. 

"You're pregnant" 

"I want the pills"

"They'll cost you"

"How much?" 

"Fifty quid"

"Fifty!" I yelled. "Just for a few fucking abortion pills!"

The doctor shifted awkwardly in his chair. "We have to charge, Miss Robinson. A lot of women around here get pregnant and we only have so much to spare"

"Give me" I said tugging out the money and shoving it at him having expected horrible news followed by a hefty price. The doctor took it greedy and scrambled out coming back with the pills. I snatched them from him and left not bothering to wait for the instructions. I knew the roll. My friend Layla had gone through the same crap.

I took a pill immediately heading down the murky streets. I could only see three metres ahead of me through the gas. I heard coughing and stopped seeing a women with a cracked mask stumble into view. "Help me!" she begged trying to grab me and my mask. I stepped out of her way. "Give it to me! I'm dying"

"It happens" I say coldly then turn walking off leaving her in my dust trail literally. Each step you took set dust floating into the air. I reached my apartments and let myself in heading up to the right floor.

I heard a bang of a gun and froze in the airlock as the filthy air was drained out. Then I was cleaned and stacked my mask up. "I need the money, Jack" a voice grunted, a very familiar one. "In the next for days"

Lowering my head I walked in seeing Ray with three of his goons stood in my living room. "Well, well, baby girl" Ray purred walking over and yanking me to him. His lips assaulted mine and I squirmed but he didn't care. He knew when push came to shove he would win. "You're home early. Bad news?"

I waved the pills at him and he laughed spanking me before turning back to his business. I saw the bullet wound in the guys Jack's leg and realised he hadn't cried out cause he was bound and gagged. 

Shaking my head I went to kitchen. "I want pasta tonight, baby girl" he called then kicked Jack who grunted a little through the gag. He was crying and his pants were soaked. Turning my back to the scene I felt my stomach churn. Gosh, what had I done to get myself here?

Oh yeah, be the daughter of a drug lord.

The End

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