London has been segregated into ten districts, based on wealth. The poorest, District 10, run by crooked cops and drug lords, has been declared out of control. Ben Ayton has been sent to clean up the mess.

Ten years ago, the city of London was plagued by riots. Buildings were destroyed, people murdered for their spare change, their homes ransacked. The police, held back by mountains of political red tape, were powerless to stop them, and the government was just as clueless. When the fighting and the devastation relaxed, they did the only thing they could think of; they segregated the civilians of London into ten districts based on wealth. Thick, concrete walls surrounded each district, a permanent reminder of the insanity that had taken over.

District 1 was home to the rich and the influential, the celebrities and the politicians. District 5 was home to the average Joes, the kind of people that spend their lives working shitty jobs, just to pay off the mortgage and have 2.5 children like the others. The worst of all, the place mothers told naughty children they’d be sent to if they didn’t behave, was District 10. District 10 was run by crooked cops and drug lords. Drugs equalled money there, and both as were as valuable as each other.

For ten long years, it stayed that way, until District 10 was finally declared out of control. The tax payers were scared; fearing the maelstrom of corruption would burst forth and spread out to the relative peace of the rest of London. So the government decided to act once more. Their plan, however, was anyone’s guess.

The End

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