The inspirational cup of tea

Satisfied with the progress he had made, John stood next to the counter, the sound of water heating in the kettle the only noise in the room. As he dropped the teabag in his Printing Press mug he let his mind wonder off back to the days when all he yearned for was to share his ideas.

 It was when he worked for The Publishing House and rose up the ranks to become the best printing press handler. Those days had been filled with a deep masked smell of paper on the printing mill, the praises on how he had worked the press to complete a print run in record time and how the machine had picked him to lead all printing.

 That was before the editor overhead him tell a story in the staff room and on his way out said“John the magazine could sure do well with ideas like that, one day when you are not so busy on the press come down to my office and we will see what we can do”. Before he could bask in the glory of those days gone by, he was interrupted by a loud whistling sound from the kettle bringing him back to reality.

Determined to bring back that John, he seeped his cup of tea and limped back to the table.


The End

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