Distractions of Love

The fragrance and beauty of rural ....India.... is still alive today. And it's the same case with the ....village.. of ..Ambalpadi.... where the people are known for their honesty, loyalty and kindness. Among them was, Vivek, a 12 year old boy who lived with his widowed mother Indira. Indira used to sell coconuts to earn a living for her and her young son. She toiled hard to give Vivek a better education in the hope of securing a better future for him. ....
Vivek was good student in his class. But he use


The fragrance and beauty of rural ….India…. is still alive today. And it’s the same case with the ….village.. of ..Ambalpadi…. where the people are known for their honesty, loyalty and kindness. Among them was, Vivek, a 12 year old boy who lived with his widowed mother Indira. Indira used to sell coconuts to earn a living for her and her young son. She toiled hard to give Vivek a better education in the hope of securing a better future for him. ….

Vivek was good student in his class. But he used to like only one thing and he considered it the most important. It was all he knew and wanted to hear every time, “The taste of love” His mother always used to say to him, “Love is the most delicious thing in the world and the feeling of love never leaves you” This was the only thing that Vivek’s mother used to tell him when they used to sit for dinner. And every night when he went to sleep he used to wonder, “What is love”, “What is the definition of love?” “How can I taste love?”, “I want love, how can I get it?”, and many such questions wandered in his mind till finally he gives in to the urge of slumber…..

Then one day his mother died. Now he had nothing except for a few rupees that his mother had left him. But he remembered his mother’s words. Won’t my neighbors and relatives love me? Thinking so he went to each of his neighbors and relatives…..

And that was the day when Vivek saw the negative side of the world. None of his relatives wanted him, and he was sent to orphanage where he spent the majority of his impressionable young years. After few years, when he turned 18, it was time for him to leave the orphanage and live life on his own. He looked for work many days, and finally landed a job in a shopping mall. He was enjoying his job but still his search for love was incomplete. During the night, after his shift ended, he and his friends were walking together and Vivek started telling his colleagues about the only desire he had; experiencing the true taste love. One of Vivek’s friend; Shakti asked, “Do you really want to have a taste of love?” Vivek’s reply was quick, “Yes”, he said in a hurry. Shakti continued, “Then come with us, we all are going where you could find love, but you should have money, it’s not free” Vivek excitingly replied, “Sure I have money. I will come”…..

All of them reached a remote and eerie street with dark lanes in the interiors of the town. The place started giving rise to an odd feeling within Vivek. The environment made Vivek doubtfully as to, “How love, being such a beautiful thing, of which his mother spoke of be found in such a place”. But as he was madly in search of love he advanced ahead with his friends. He saw females of all ages dressed in saris, jeans, tops in a voyeuristic manner Most of men were drunk. Shakti said, “My dear friend this is the famous red light area of grant road where everybody comes to get the taste of love” All of them enter a room. All the room had a sex worker who sat emotionless and impatient for it to be done and dusted…..

Even Vivek goes in instilled with some excitement at the through of finally tasting love, and he thinks of his mother, looks upwards and say’s, “Amma, I have found love finally”. The prostitute make the initial move as she recognizes Vivek is new to all this, both get intimate and after few hours Vivek gets out of the room, and all the friends head for home separately…..

On reaching home Vivek knew that the thing he did was not love but ”Lust”,which he was not looking for and still his quest for love still remained unfulfilled. ….

Days passed and he still was disappointed, one day when he was arranging the food cans, his ears caught on to something which sounded familiar to him. He turned around and saw a couple who were saying to each other that how much they love each other. Suddenly smile appeared in his face as if he found a way to reach love. But he didn’t know how to find a girl who will fall in love with him. On one such day he saw a beautiful girl named Sarita who has been newly appointed, as there was shortage of staff in the mall. As days passed both of them got close to each other, both liked each other and both used to spend quality time with each other. But the frequent calls by Sarita’s male colleague’s always made Vivek uncomfortable; sometimes Sarita was unable to give time to him because of her friends. Sarita had a very close friends, Sunny, which made Vivek very jealous and suspicious about their friendship and closeness. This “Jealousy” and “Suspiciousness” resulted in frequent fights between them and finally resulted in a painful breakup. ….

This made Vivek doubt whether love is really that tasteful, but he couldn’t doubt the words of his mother and still continued his quest for love. He left the job as the memories of Sarita did not let him live peacefully. With the little money that he had saved, he started his own Vada pav stall which was doing good business. As time passed he got settled down and got married to a beautiful girl named Aparita. He had come a far way but still every night when he goes to sleep he used to have the same questions that he used to think when he was a child, “What is love”, “What is the definition of love,” “How can I taste love”, “I want love how and where can I get it”. The next day his brother-in-law came to visit them, and Vivek enquired, “Sanath how you became so rich at such a young age?” Sanath jokingly said that money loves me, that’s why it got attracted to me and comes to me…..

Hearing Sananth’s words Vivek got lost in a deep thought asking himself, “I have heard money is the most powerful thing in the world, so can it give me love that I have been searching for so many years?. Yes! I can, if it can give Sanath so much love, why cant money can give me the same taste of love”. ….

Vivek works hard day and night; he invests his money in the share market for more money, as his greed for money increases his passion for money also increases. “Greed” and “Passion” for money makes him a corrupt person from within, who just wants to have love no matter what, at any cost. He fails to do his duty towards his wife as a husband. The only thing Vivek gives to his wife Aparita is frequent fights…..

Most of his time he spends is with his money which is now more important than anything else. One day when he reaches home early he sees his wife with some other man in his bedroom which makes him blind with “Anger” and he removes his gun and shoots both of them. He is sent to the jail for his crime where he is locked up with other three criminals. But he does not feel guilty about it as “Anger” has blinded him. With the power of money he some how corrupts the officials who are involved in his case and gets him released…..

As the wheel of time churns, Vivek’s madness for money hoping that someday he will get the taste of love corrupts Vivek badly from inside. The quest for love has made him hate women as both the women who were in his life always betrayed him. The only thing he knows now is that money is love and love is money, and his share business is going very well and he is among the richest share broker in the country…..

“Sir, you are the one of the richest person in our times, people love you, and employees respect you and love you” this is what Vivek’s subordinates tells him. And this leads to “Pride” and “Egoism” build within him. Money has made him so “Egoist” that he feels he is superior to others, and he thinks that the respect and love he gets from his employees is because of him, which Vivek thinks is the genuine love which he has been searching for long time. One day when Vivek and his secretary Julie were discussing something, but Vivek’s concentration was on something else. “Pride” and “Egoism” had creped within him so much that he thought he is even greater than god. He tries to misbehave with Julie but when she tries to defend, he forces himself on her and sexually assaults her, but he doesn’t feel any remorse. He only said that , “I hate women” and throws money to her. She walks out of his cabin. Vivek is watching Julie from his office window as Julie was standing still in the middle of the road when suddenly a truck runs over her, killing her on the spot. But still Vivek just has a smile in his face, regretting nothing…..

Years passed by and Vivek ventured into new arenas of construction, films, liquor and still believing that he has found love which was just an illusion created by money. One day Vivek’s Construction Company strikes a good deal for constructing a shopping complex but the only obstacle which was really not an obstacle for Vivek was that the area where that new shopping complex was to be constructed. There stood a temple which has to be razed for that shopping complex to come up. But due to the sentiments of the local residents and even some political pressure, it was difficult for other Construction firms to take that deal but Vivek, did not care very much about the religion and peoples sentiments. It was also difficult for Vivek to raze the temple, but he always used his power of money when ever it seemed that it is not going his way. He used his power to buy the local politicians to support him, some goons to handle the emotionally charged locals if they create any problem. When everything was arranged he made the first blow on the temple and this made him very happy. Finally, the temple was razed and the construction of his project starts….

But the new construction just brought him bad luck and he comes down with the losses and burden of debt. When his creditors chase after him for their money, his final choice is to run far away from them. He ran as far as he could, at night, he realizes that the love he thought was with him was actually not love, the money had blinded him, and the arrogance of money is the sole reason that I am in this condition today. But that night, the same questions came in his mind after so many years, “What is love?”, “What is the definition of love?”, “How can I taste love?”, “I want love and how can I get it?” Suddenly he recalls what his mother said, “The taste of love is delicious than anything else and the feeling of love never leaves you”. Then he asks himself, “Am I been searching for love but when I feel that that I have it, why does it leaves me, Why? Why?” and very frustrated with his life he thinks of how he can get love and falls asleep…..

The next day he wanders around without knowing where he wants to go and stops by a school which looks familiar to him. He recognizes the school; it’s the same school where he used to study when he was a child and its same village where he is standing now. But still he is not happy and he will be happy only when he finds love. Tired and hungry he sits under the shade of a tree where there is a temple. Vivek is still hungry but still his pride has not gone and does not enter the temple where free food is been served though he is dying of hunger. Just about to fall unconscious, a little girl comes forward and looks at the condition of Vivek and she offers him Prasad, and shows kindness and care towards which melts his heart and brings tears in his eyes. The girl says “When you give love you get love” and she goes away…..

Vivek is surprised by what the girl said because all this years he supported his inner eight foes to find one good friend love which was some easy to get. He thought that the lust he expressed exploded the love, when the anger explodes, peace evaporated from his life, when his desire bulldozed him his desire bombarded, when his passion for money erupted, his desire corrupted, My pride made love in me desert me. My jealousy made my joy jerk away, egoism made me blind and suspicion strengthened my cynical surges. I had love around me but I became friend with my enemies…..

Vivek finally found the simple lesson of how he can get love the rest of the year he lived under that same tree worshipping good and giving love to all, especially the kids who he loved and gave and took enormous love which he craved for all this years. He preached to fight your inner foes if you want to be friend of love…..

When he was on his death bed, the same girl came to him empty handed, Vivek gave his food to her and said thank you, it doesn’t matter if I go to hell or heaven but if I take birth again I wish I would be love itself. And he dies…..

After his death the tree beneath which he died was embarked forever on his name…..

The End

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