Twisted truth about loveMature


                  You know, I never was this kind of guy. I wanted to actually be a doctor and work with children, I had a bright future. But what happens when you have dreams, you get in an unhealthy relationship with someone that ruins you. I was with this girl Abbey, and let me tell you she was nuts. She would call me up and whine that she is sad and needs me. Not wanting to loose her I leave my job and go home to find her looking fine...and smiling. Abbey loved mind games...and liked to win. When I would come home to calm her down, she would be on the couch smiling, “I won.”

            We stayed together for 4 years, after that I dumped her...along with my career. Not knowing what to do, I meet these two guys in ties and suits that offers me a job. I had to drive illegal products to this one site and than deliver any package the deal wants them to have back to them. In two weeks I earned $900, because the job was deadly. You have people trying to stab you or shoot you.

          The one day I didn't go to do the job because they wanted to deliver it personally, the guy was a narc and busted them. When that job failed, I went to flipping burgers, which was nice. At restaurants people in the break rooms do bad stuff...even girls do stuff for money. As if minimum wage wasn't bad enough. That job only held for a year before I fell in love. Yes, in love with this mysterious brunette haired girl with big, green eyes and a killer body. I like girls with meat on them. Anyways, I fell in love...but she toyed with me for 2 years, until I found her having sex with another guy in her bed. She didn't want to be “tied down.”

             Ya, okay, total bull crap, but I left and tried to heal myself. I went from club to club trying to find a job, when I did...drug dealer. I would deal drugs to people and than give the money to the dealer and I got maybe $20 each sale. Which was a lot, because I made over 20 sales a day...everyday. Well, the people who gave me the drugs got busted, and I was out of a job. Addicted to drugs and in need of a job, I enter a shelter for men like me. Once I get out of there, I get cured...until I see the Burnett cheater...Claire. Claire invites me into her apartment and asks me to do coke with her. I first said not, but than she used her women powers to seduce me in bed, giving in I have sex with her for coke. What a trade!

                  After that she finds another guy and leaves me stranded on the street addicted to coke. Coke-less , jobless and pride-less I attempted suicide...but someone stopped me. The person was Ted, the rapist of Andra. I know this, because he could pull off being me...and he told me he killed her. Ted helped me down from the bridge and was my friend. Ted got me help and a job at a movie store.

              I was living it until I went to James party and met Andra.


               “Your trial is in a month, December 18th.”

I look up at you, and snort, “Am I supposed to care?”

               You look at me behind your blue eyes I know you already think im guilty, “Yes.”

               “Why? Everyone thinks I’m guilty.”

             “Well, are you?” You ask in that tone that annoys me. Your trying to pry the truth out of me but don't want to give it away. You should give up the charade and go home I tell you telepathically. You don't get it, because you still look at me, waiting to answer.

              “Nope, I’m not. I told you that.”

           “Yes you did John, but what I don't understand is that how you believe it? They have evidence: they have video and DNA.”

              “I was FRAMED!” I scream, throwing the chair across the room, not scaring you one bit. You look at me like you've seen it before.

            “Yes, and by who.”

            “Ted Nelson.”

          “There is no Ted Nelson.”

                   “Yes there is. He probably changed his name to protect him self. That son of a.” I stop when I see your face change, about to yell at me.

                   “Son of a cracker.” I finish, seeing your face calm down, less wrinkles in your face.

                   “John, once you come to terms with what happened, it will make your life easier.”

                    Looking out the window, the camera, and than back at you. You sitting there in your black suit, which a red tie, and black pants. Your hair is done with jell, and your wearing your green contacts must feel better about yourself? You must be proud of have the chance to put me in jail, behind bar? You must go home and talk with your family about me and all the crazy people here?

                Not buying your act, I lean back in my chair, and raise one eyebrow at you, “Listen, Tom, tell me are you happy? I heard what controversy you started last year with an inmate here...a women inmate. Is that true? Can you live with it?”

                  I sit there, looking at your expression darken with clouds. You get up and walk out of the room, leaving me alone. But it's okay, im used to being alone.


The End

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