Distortion is the Best Key to HappinessMature

Kyle is in jail for the murder of Andra. But he didn't murder her...he was framed.


                                                                          Chapter 1

“Take it back.”

“If possible,” you say as you turn on your recorder, “let's start at the beginning.”

Turning to you I smile, with handcuffs around my wrist, “What do you want to know?”

“When did you first see Andra?”

“The first day in August. She was at the beach with her friends and than at a party at James house. She wore a mini skirt, a tube top that showed the tops of her breast, and no bra. She wanted attention,” I laugh, “she got.”

“So you drugged her?”

“Nope, she was too drunk to fight back. Instead she pulled out the condom and asked me to do it with her.”

“So you had sex?”

“Ya, great sex?”

“What else.”

Getting really aroused I try to picture anything but her body. Not working, I continued to describe how we did it.

“She got on me first, flashing me her breast.”

“Then what?”

“Than she blacked out.”

“She blacked out?”

“Yes. So not wanting to waste a good condom I had sex with her.”

“While she was unconscious?”


       You take off your glasses and rub your temples, sighing. I watch the camera watch me, trying to pin point me as her killer, but I wasn't her killer...but I knew who was. I tried to tell him who it was, but he won't believe me. The killer got a hold of my clothes and wore them to kill her. They used my gloves to get there hands on my knife to cut her throat. I mean, everyone wanted her dead because she stole boyfriends, broke relationships up, or was a tease.

You turn to me, and sigh, shaking your head, “You can't have sex with someone when there blacked out.”

Moving closer to his face, smiling, “I did, and it was good.”




I turned around to see a blonde hottie standing in front of me with a beer in her hand.


“I'm Andra.” She slurs. She obviously had to much to drink. She uses my shoulder to balance on.

“Hi Andra.”

            Rubbing my biceps with her hand she leans closer to my ear, her bubble gum flavor over powering me, “Want to go have sex with me?”

            Wow, this girls gets right down to the point. Not about to turn down this offer, I take her hand and lead her to an upstairs room. Keeping the lights off I take her to the bed. Flopping down one me, she kisses me. Rubbing against the front of my pants with her legs, she licks her lips.

“Touch me.”

I nod and grope her breast. She takes off her tub top and out flies a condom.

Andra smiles, “Use it.”

            I nod and we start to kiss more, but this time it is hard. She bites my lips and makes me bleed. Rolling on her I get up and put on my condom. I turn around but I find her passed out. Not knowing what to do, I sit on the next to her, contemplating on what to do?

Sex or no sex?

           I sit there and look at her. My hand slides up her leg and under her skirt, groping her non-no spot. Getting to wired from that, I rip her skirt down and to realize she is wearing no underwear. I unzip my pants and get in her. I watch her blank face twitch once I get in her and start to ride hard on her. Pleasure leaks from and transfers into her when my body moves with her. Almost to the point, I stop because it's too much. I grab her arms and pin her down to finish. Once I yell with great pleasure I fall on her. I wait till I need more from her, I start again. This time I have her roll on me and I grip her sides with my thighs and start to hump her.
             “AHHH!!!” I yell when I reach that point again. Rolling on her I kiss her and kiss her. I do it to her once last time than stop. Zipping up my pants, I leave her like that to rejoin the party.

            But I don' tell you this. I tell you we just had slandered sex...and we did.


The End

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