Mr and Mrs Morse argue - but not with each other

‘It says, ‘DADAM’,’ Mr Morse said.

‘Actually,’ Charley explaining in a condescending way, ‘if you take off the first letter, it says ‘ADAM’.’

‘Adam?’ Mrs Morse said, horrified. ‘What does this mean?’

Charley paced around the room. Eddie sat at Valorie’s desk, massaging the back of her neck. She always did that when she was thinking hard.

‘I see only three possible meanings behind this,’ Charley said. ‘One, she has gone off to fight Adam Quinn herself. Two, she has been captured by Adam Quinn, forced to write a running away note before he dragged her away. Or Three, she believes Adam Quinn is the winning side and has run off to join him.’

‘Well, which one is it?’ Mr Morse asked.

‘Well, I think we can discount the last one,’ Eddie said, but Charley shook his head.

‘It’s still a possibility. Anyway, it doesn’t matter which one it is, because at least we know where Valorie is, or wants to be – with Adam Quinn. Now, all we have to do is search in places Adam would most probably be. We’d better split up if we want to find Valorie faster.’

‘I want to come with you,’ Mrs Morse said, standing up.

Eddie walked over to her. ‘I’m sorry, Meg, but you’re not a Wizard. You’re a Mortal, and I’m afraid you have literally no chance against Adam.’

‘I don’t care,’ Mrs Morse said, stopping Eddie as she tried to hug her. ‘I want to help find my daughter. I’m not just going to sit here and wait for you to bring her back.’

‘Darling,’ Mr Morse said, turning to his wife. ‘I hate the thought of our daughter in trouble as much as you do. I couldn’t put you in harm’s way as well.’

Mrs Morse sniffed loudly. ‘I suppose so.’

‘I’m sure Charley and Eddie can find her by themselves. They’re Wizards – they have more of a chance.’

‘Mr Morse,’ Charley asked – he still wasn’t on first name terms with Valorie’s father.


‘What are your powers?’

‘Wait,’ Mrs Morse said, getting upset again. ‘If you’re suggesting -’

‘We’re not suggesting anything yet,’ Charley said to her. ‘Mr Morse?’

Mr Morse thought about it.

‘Well, the technopathy and levitation I know about. I have a third one, but I can’t quite put my finger on it; I don’t know what it is.’

Eddie thought about this, looked at Charley, who merely nodded his head, and then turned back to Mr Morse. ‘OK. OK, that’s good. Well, I, er, I do think that you could possibly be…’ he looked nervously at Mrs Morse ‘well, could be very useful. If you wanted to, you could… come with us.’

‘That’s unfair! You want to take Carl along and leave me here twiddling my thumbs! It’s not fair, it’s – I’m her mother. I want to come with you!’

Charley screwed up his face. Why did mothers have to be so… motherly?

‘OK, OK, I suppose you could both come along. But I don’t want to put you at risk, so you have to do exactly as I say. Alright?’


‘OK. Can we go now?’

The End

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