Adam Quinn uses the phone

Adam Quinn hung up the phone. He’d just been calling his MP – again. He’d been insisting that he do something about the Wizard Watch List, or at least grant him immunity from it. The MP had said that there wasn’t anything he could do – again.

He paced around the room. The house was his parents’, but they were somewhere in Vancouver now. He’d put them there himself when they’d ordered him to move out. Adam surmised that they wouldn’t be back anytime soon.

There was no problem, money-wise. He had access to both parents’ bank accounts, and he had a steady job of his own, so he could stay where he was for a long time yet. At any rate, when he did decide to return his parents, they’d have learnt their lesson.

Adam stood in front of the fireplace, thinking. They weren’t responding to his calls… what was he supposed to do now?

He could simply refuse to sign up for the thing. But then they’d have reason to chase him. He didn’t know much about the Government, but it wouldn’t be hard to gather Wizards together and order an attack.

Making a decision, he picked up the phone again.

‘Hello?… Yes, this is Adam Quinn… I’m calling to say I can’t be in today… maybe not tomorrow either… No, I think I’ve got the flu… Thank you… Oh, my student I.D. is 05679834… Yes… Thank you… Bye.’

He hung up. That was college taken care of, and he could easily get a fellow student to bring his homework to him.

Adam studied history, psychology, business studies and French at the local college. He was most interested in the psychology. The human mind fascinated him – he liked knowing how humans could be influenced psychologically. Not that he had any problems with that – he chuckled to himself. But it was still very interesting stuff.

Then, his move made, Adam strode from the room. Now it was time for the next phase of his plan.

The End

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