Adam Quinn watches the news

Adam Quinn had walked away from the scene before they discovered Joe’s mangled body in the back of the truck, so nobody could identify exactly what had happened here.

Adam was now sitting at home, sipping on a cup of tea. He liked tea. It was one of his favourite things – to sit in front of a nice warm fire, as he was now doing, and drinking a cup of tea.

The news was on, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. He was thinking about Sophie. It still made him sad sometimes – and angry. They should have been living together by now. But Joe was the one who led her away, with his smooth talking and pulling out chairs for her and stuff. Sophie’s death was Joe’s fault and his alone.

He remembered the night he found out about their affair. He remembered seeing his face contorted with anger as he bolted towards her. He remembered looking down at her twisted corpse – the blood streaking out across the floor.

Adam had never quite got the bloodstains out of the carpet. He’d placed a large pot plant over the spoiled carpet and left it at that. To be honest, he couldn’t be much fussed with cleaning.

Sophie’s body had been ground up and added to the soil for the plant. It was as good a way to dispose of the body as any, he supposed. He’d read somewhere that planting something on top of a dead thing, like your recently deceased pet rabbit, would help the plant to grow.

As a child, he’d had a pet crab called Claude, but it had died after only two days. He’d killed it actually, but not on purpose.

He’d been showing it to a friend at the time.

‘Make it move.’

And Adam did. It moved so much that it actually slammed against the wall of the tank, and died.

So they buried him in the garden, and planted flower seeds, and in the spring, there was a spray of forget-me-nots growing there.

Death was quite beautiful in a way, Adam thought to himself. All part of the circle of life.

What was he thinking about? Oh yes. Sophie. He still missed her sometimes, but really it was her own fault. Why did she have to go off with Joe? Why couldn’t just one of his girlfriends like him for who he was, and not just for the tremendous power he possessed?

Sighing, he turned up the news –

‘… but remaining wet and windy throughout the night. Back to you, Dean.’

‘Thank you Mary. Our top stories tonight – New research into the swine flu epidemic suggests strong similarities to an existing disease. The Government continue to debate about whether the Wizard Watch list should go ahead.’

Adam sat up in his chair. What was this?

He waited for the story to roll round.

‘The Government are considering bringing in a Watch list, requiring all persons with magical abilities, suspected or otherwise, to register as a Wizard. The information will be kept indefinitely on the National database. In this week’s Prime Minister’s Question Time, the following questions were asked.’

Then there was a shot of the PM being bombarded with questions.

Adam stood up, not listening anymore.

He could not, would not sign up for such a thing. The full potential of his power rested on his remaining anonymous. If everybody knew he was a Wizard, they would be one step closer to knowing the full extent of his abilities. Adam was powerful, but he couldn’t keep a whole community quiet. They might figure out how to defeat him, strip away his powers.

He gripped the rod tightly in his hand, and the television accidentally exploded.

Adam would have to act now.

The End

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