Valorie's Magical Abilities

Valorie hadn’t realised that she possessed magical abilities for a long time. Sometimes, when she woke up in the middle of the night, she got the sensation of floating and then sinking. She had talked to her mother about it, but she told her it was perfectly normal, and fairly common.

From the age of twelve, she developed the ability to shut off her hearing when her parents argued. She didn’t know how she did it, exactly… just by wishing to go deaf, she was able to do it. It was like having a sound-proof bubble around her head.

She had only ever told Amrita about this, and Amrita had shrugged it off.

Then when she was thirteen, a member of parliament, Ben Somebody, came out as having magical abilities. There was a huge hype about it, but as soon as Ben could prove it, the community accepted him. However, he did lose his seat in parliament. Ben didn’t seem to mind.

And then, something peculiar happened. More people started coming out as magical. They became known as Wizards.

Valorie began to wonder if she was a Wizard too, and if she was, whether she should talk about it to anyone. Things started coming up on the news about gang attacks against Wizards, and curiously, the Government seemed reluctant to stop it.

And so she kept her silence – until she met Charley.

‘I don’t have telekinesis or anything, but I do feel like… I don’t know. I can control whether my ears hear or not… it’s like I have more control of my body than other people.’

‘It sounds like you could be capable of etheric projection,’ Charley had explained. ‘This is the ability to project an etheric body, which is a bit like an aura, out of your own body, and project it around the physical world.’

‘So what does that have to do with the ear thing?’

‘I think that when you made yourself, as you put it, deaf, you were actually projecting yourself without realising it. Normally, you can’t hear anything in an etheric body without training.’

‘Can you do it as well?’

‘I’ve been practicing it for some years, yes. My own powers are mainly to do with light projection. I can summon light and project it as beams or rays.’

‘Cool. So, what use are these powers, exactly?’

Charley thought. ‘No-one really knows. If you’d like help developing your power, though, I could teach you.’

‘That’d be great, thank you. I can’t believe I’m meeting another wizard!’

‘They’re more common than you think. There might be some in your classroom.’

Valorie had never asked anyone in her classes if they were Wizards. She hadn’t told Amrita either, but eventually she guessed, and had been very nice about it. So that was good.

The End

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