Chapter 9Mature

   "So, there's this party  tonight, fancy going with yours truly?" Blake sleazily whispers to me.

   "What's in it for me?" I ask, challengingly.

   "Well, nothing in you yet, so save that for later on" he slurs, looking me up and down in a movement that's supposed to be intimate and flirtatious.

   What have I gotten myself into? I think as I wander through my next two lessons as if I do not exist. Right, you can make out with him, but that is it. I tell myself firmly because, while he isn't my type, I'm kind of curious to see how 'good' he really is. I mean, it's not as if it'd be my first time anyway - although Scott would think it was, i guess.

   No, doing something like that, isn't worth getting one over on him.

Thoughts and plans still swimming through my head, I hear "What's this I hear about you and Blake?" behind me, on my way from English to Maths.

   "It's none of your business, Scott!" I shout as I turn into the classroom, knowing he won't be late for P.E.

   What's that phrase again? Oh yeah!

   Keep it mean to keep 'em keen.

The End

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