Chapter 8Mature

   Having spent my time being cowardly at home, avoiding Scott at all costs, I grit my teeth the next day walking into the front gate of the school. You can do this Riley - he's the idiot, not you. Saying that, it's pretty safe to say I was shitting myself about having two hours of English with him later on.

   Thankfully, Allison had my back - she didn't push me to tell her what was up, she just accepted that I didn't want to see Scott, or talk about him. To be quite honest, that's why I love her, she always accepts you can have bad days and may just need a distraction.

   "Are you sure you're going to be okay, Riley?" she asks me, before we go our separate ways to form. I nod and wave as I turn into the classroom to my left and heading to the seat at the back, next to Blake.

   "Hey gorgeous" he says, hand on my arse as I smoothly take my seat, being careful to leave a small gap between Blake and myself. This'll show you to accuse me of falling for someone, Scott. He'd always gotten jealous when I let another guy close to me - let alone one of his best friends.

   "Hey Blake" I say, giving him one of my 'million-dollar' smiles that Scott and Allison insist I have.

   As I watch, Blake's eyes switch from in-control to off-guard, before switching back; the change almost unnoticeable. "How's my bitch today?" he says, leaning in towards me with a sort of laugh in his piercing blue eyes. I make sure to put my forehead to his before whispering fiercely, "I'm not your bitch Blake, I'm your worst nightmare"

   I know Blake better than he knows himself: I know that he loves the chase - he loves when a girl doesn't make it easy, he loves playing games.

   When his eyes light up, I know I was right - I made the right first move. I bring my head back, dragging my lips back, careful to catch the edge of his with them. Feeling his pulse quicken through the hand that had snaked behind my back and around my waist, I hold back a victorious smile that was threatening to burst through my red-lipstick coated lips.

  Riley 1, Scott 0.

The End

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