Chapter 6Mature

   I don't know what's gotten into Scott tonight, he seems uncomfortable, and almost awkward. That's not what we do - we weren't even awkward after he kissed me drunk a couple years ago at a party!

   "What's up with you?" I ask him, a little too harshly. I know it was harsh when I see him recoil slightly from my sharp tone, like a beautiful butterfly - as gentle as he - retreats from a loud sound.

   "What do you meanwhat's up with me? What's up with you?!" he practically explodes. "You've been acting really funny all day, ever since you came into the social twenty minutes into first lesson! Then you continued to be unsociable and, quite frankly, walking around with a face like a slapped arse!"

   Woah. He's never been this stressed at me before, never since we met over 10 years ago. "Okay, Scott, there's something I need to tell you."

   I take a deep breath. There's nothing new to Scott about my 'abilities'. He knows what I see when he sees nothing. What is new, is not being able to focus when being within about a foot from someone.

   "What? What is it that can possibly have thrown you off enough to stop being the friend I know - the Riley I know and love to pieces"

   "I'm sorry, okay? It's just-"

   "Just what?! Wait, you didn't fall for someone did you? Because that seems to be the only reason people ditch their friends nowadays!"

   What? Now he's gone too far. "No way! As a matter of fact, I ran into the new boy in school today, but, no, I didn't fall for him, I couldn't focus when I was within a foot or two of him - I physically couldn't hear anything or even see straight - it was like I was drugged or something. But, you know, you'll probably think that's just me being some stupid lovesick teenager, so why don't you just take your chocolate and get out of my house!"

   I then proceed to storm into my en-suite bathroom, locking the door behind me before sliding down it and bursting into tears.

   "Look, Riles, I didn't mean it like that, I didn't realise you didn't feel like you could just tell me that type of thing-"

  "Just leave me alone, Scott"

   And he does.

The End

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