Chapter 5Mature

   On the way home, not much conversation took place between Scott and I. He couldn't tell what was up with me, and I couldn't tell him. I couldn't bring myself to have the conversation of me trying to explain a weird feeling in my gut that he would only dismiss as romantic feelings. I would never live that down.

   "Are you sure you're okay, Riles?" he said to me as I got out of his car, stumbling a little.

   "Yeah, and I told you not to call me that: my name's Riley" I throw him a wink as I and walk towards my house.

   I basically army-crawl my way through the front door, tripping up each and every one of our 14 steps to my bedroom, before collapsing onto my bed and passing out.

   What feels like mere seconds later, I am jolted awake by the tinny sound of our doorbell. Urgh, I think, who the hell is this at this time of night? 6:31pm, I immediately correct myself, glancing at the digital alarm clock situated on my bedside table.

   He knocks on my door as he enters, casually sauntering in.

   It's Scott. With chocolate and ice-cream. I can't hold back the grin that takes up residence on my face.

    "I knew there was a reason you were my best friend."

The End

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