Chapter 4Mature

   "Uh, yeah" I somehow manage to stammer, as I sneak a not-so-subtle head to toe look at him. I take in his height, must be 6 foot; easily. Not as tanned as Scott, but not quite ghostly white either. Somehow, he was more handsome than Scott, but, at the same time, I couldn't point out what gave me that feeling: he was pale, with brown hair containing a hint of ginger in the fluorescence of the lights in the hallway. That, alongside his very casual white shirt under an open blue checked shirt and pasty blue jeans, gave me no reason to find him attractive, but the way he carried himself seemed to pull me towards him, the way he looked at me - like he'd known me our whole lives.

   "Do I know you?"

   "No, but I'm new, and Mrs Foster at reception said to find you; she said you could show me where to find my next lesson. My name's Zach, by the way."

   He reaches out to shake my hand, but, still unsure of his story, I stand still as before. I ask him for his timetable to look at, and he hands it over. Upon a quick look, I realise we have English together. His next lesson in Physics, so I turn and start walking towards the Science labs, calling over my should to him, "Follow me, then"

                                                      *     *     *     *     *

   Finally being able to relax in the social, I get a weird look from Scott as I walk into the social, 20 minutes into the hour; thank God we have a double free. "Don't even ask" I say to Scott, as I pass him and head to the vending machine to get a Mountain Dew - the best thing about being in sixth form.

   I flop down into one of the fabric-covered seats and pull my dark brown earphones out of my bag: the ones I hide under my Chestnut hair in lessons. I think about explaining my lack of socialising to Scott, before realising it really doesn't matter - that I would never even be able to explain the queasy sensation Zach gave me.

   What a day - and it's only ten past 9.


The End

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