Chapter 3Mature

   Wandering into Miss Clarke's classroom for Form, I made a mental note that I was the first in: the first to choose my place for the year. Not wanting to seem like the nerd I was always considered, I immediately avoided the first row of seats and strode confidently towards the back row, slumping into one of the most uncomfortable seats of my school life so far.

   Not long after, people started idly entering the classroom and taking what I presumed to be their normal seat in class. Next thing I knew I saw someone taking the seat next to me in my peripheral vision. I glanced at the hand that had somehow landed on my left shoulder, realising that it just happened to be attached to Blake. "Hey, cutie. How's your summer been?"

   "Get off me, Blake." I said with a sigh.

   He laughed. "Come on, Riley. Can't we be friends? Why do you hate me?"

   "I don't hate you Blake" I chastised, "I just don't particularly like your attitude". I figured; if you're going to be sarcastic, why not do it with a flutter of your eyelids and a big grin?

   Unfortunately, this didn't seem to deter him. "Well, I like yours: it's kinda hot" he breathed into my ear. Ugh. I breathed a sigh of relief as the bell finally rung: resisting the urge to run out of my seat and down the corridor to the social area. Don't let him get to you, Riley.

   Turning the last corner to the social, I ran into something - I mean, someone. Someone unfamiliar, but at the same time familiar.

   He said some sort of greeting, but for some reason, it was blurry. I couldn't quite decipher it. I took a step back. "S-s-sorry?" I stuttered, a little dazed.

   "I said, you're Riley, right? Riley Cross?"


The End

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