Chapter twoMature

   Pulling into the school car park, I began to wonder what privilages we would get for being in our final year. Would we be able to make full use of the school's computer system? Maybe, we'd get access to the staff cupboards and all that? Who knows, right?

   "So, where first? Where's your form room this year?' He asks me out of the blue. "Why?" I answer his question with one of my own; a little taken back at the situations oddity. 

   "No reason. Just thought I should become some sort of gentleman since im getting old, and all that"

   "Scott, you're my best friend, not my boyfriend. You don't have to walk me to my lessons like some stereotypical love-struck teenager" I reply, stunned at how he hadn't ditched me for his douchebag friends who were across the car park, beckoning him.  Let's see. There was Matt, the blonde with the brains to match - the one with all the girls in public. Then there was Blake, the typical 'bad-boy' wih the lather jacket, the cigarrettes and the hair which bore a startling resemblance to Scott's new do. Matt was the one with all the girls - in private, of course. He must have slept with nearly all the girls in our year. Behind those two, stood Alex, the nicer, more tolerable one of the group. His shaggy, soft brown hair certainly stood out from the others now that Scott, like Matt and Blake, had his hair short and spiked. 

   "Right" he says to himself, as if he needed reminding. "I'll catch you later then?" He adds while in the process of ditching me. 

   There's something different about that boy today  Before I got the chance to chase after him and demand to know what's happened, Allison turns up. Allison is my other best friend - my girly half, we say. We always laugh, the three of us, how those two 'complete me'. Sxott's my crazy, out there, sex-obsessed half, while Allison is my girly half - the half that keeps me sane and normal. She's the one who drags me shopping nearly every weekend and makes me watch stupidly cheesy films like The Notebook; in hopes that I'll cry the thousandth time I watch it with her. 

   "So who's the hottie?" She asks, checking out Scott from the back. I sigh. 

   This could be a long day. 


The End

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