Chapter OneMature

Waking up, I was instantly greeted by the glare that was her face - my mother's, that is.

I groaned like a typical teenager, turning over and burying my head in the quilt, "Go away Mum, you're hurting my head!"

"You know, Riley, sometimes I think you use that psychic thing as an excuse not to talk to me" she said stubbornly, refusing to give me and my brain some peace.

"Seriously, leave me alone and I will get out of bed!" I yelled in response, grateful for the muffled sound that my voice had become. If it hadn't been near-muted by the pillow, I would have been in deep shit for sure.

Instantly, I heard her footsteps retreat and, listening intently, I heard each footstep as she went down the staircase. Thud, thud, thud. All twelve steps. Each step only increasing the extent of todays headache. Getting out of bed as I had promised, my face nearly collided with the floor as, once again, my brain went weak at the sight of the colours the sunlight had made visible.

Having been in the bathroom for all of about two minutes, my best friend, Scott Crowe, came sauntering in - not a care in the world. "Morning!" he nearly shouts in my ear, as a big kiss is planted on my left cheek. Suspicious as his actions were, I decided not to press the topic. It was too early for long conversations. 

Suddenly. I caught sight of Scott in the mirror. My jaw dropped. "What happened to your hair?!" I screamed at him, turning to examine the way it no longer swept across his face. Until today, it had always shielded his eyes from view; somewhat concealing his chiseled features from the view of the skinny, blonde airheads at school. Now, there was no chance.

Little did they all know, my best friend was hot. And yes, I admit that: openly. I mean, he's tall at 6'3", tanned with a sexy six-pack and a square-ish jaw that's softened by the jungle green of his gentle eyes. Little does he know, I've always loved the way his eyes can make me feel better with just a glance.

Now though, standing in front of me was a man who couldn't be considered 17, even though  he was - he looked about 21. His short,dark, tousled hair was swept up and across to create a windswept, attractive look - managing to highlight his eyes as the tops of them were no longer hidden by the ends of his hair.

"Come on Riley, stop staring... you're making me nervous. It looks... okay, doesn't it?" he honestly looked self conscious of it. God knows how.

"It looks sexy, and you know it" I replied sternly, rustling it and throwing a wink his way as I turned my attention back to the mirror; applying the final touches of my smokey eye makeup. 

"Why do you wear that stuff? Your eyes don't need any help grabbing people's attention. They absorb people anyway Riley. Why do you think Aaron couldn't keep his eyes off you last year?"

I ignored his obvious attempt at prying into my social life. I had no interest in Aaron Mills; I knew that now. After months of swooning over the way he flirted with me endlessly, making me feel beautiful for once, I'd seen his true nature. The nature that meant he had a girlfriend I didn't know about - the girlfriend Scott still doesn't know about. I didn't want Scott to overreact like I knew he would, and get expelled for assaulting Aaron.

"Come on hot stuff" I said, pulling him away from my bathroom mirror, "let's go. Let's go endure the first day of our last year of school"

Getting into Scott's new Land Rover that he'd spent years saving up for, I couldn't help but notice that he'd cleaned it. Thoroughly. "You expecting people?" I asked him, laughing. "No, why would I?" he replied, seeming to catch onto my expecting look. He'd clearly picked up on my suggestion that he may be taking girls out places 'for lunch' with this new-found confidence of his.

"No reason, just be safe" I said knowingly with a wink that caused us both to erupt with laughter.

The End

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