Distent summer moon......

questions and answers

I wiped away a fat tear that blotched by freckled cheek, with the back of he untannedhand. It was a shame though, see, not many humans have about 10 to 20 hands, so it was a mystery how i  managed to wipe away about 10 to 20 tears! - wait, see, thats the kind of things that make people want to bully me, if u ask me, it just imaginative, but then again, i also thought i was just imagative when i tried to jump out of my bedroom window, so in some way, they do have a point.

so... that night, i went out into the garded, to think about it. i sat on the algae covered bench, and i thought about it. after a while, it started to get boring, i tried this, because in all films, they do the same, and usually they end up with an answer! it wasn't working! i mean seriously, i should sew the people who make those films! wait, that was a good idea!- anyways.... i was getting sidetracked, that was not my point, i no, i would asked the moon, it did look very inteligent, how, i actally don't know........

"moon, do u think i am mad?" i asked after awhile.

"yes, because your speacking to me!"

The End

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