You take a quick gulp of air, then dive back again

You burst through the elemental barrier that seperates water and air with limitless determination and emerge into a brave new world. The waterfalls from your crown subside and your face dries off quickly. You open your eyes, looking upwards in the event that more lights will be raining upon you. Blackness straight ahead. You are relieved. You are about to dive back down again but... you feel safe, somehow. You are immersed in warm water and light. What is there to worry about?

These lights are the size of lightbulbs, you decide, but you would now describe them as glowing orbs. And they are not all white. They glow with various colours, pink, light blue, light green, white, light grey, orange - all bobbing up and down gracefully. But there are no waves! What is going on?

The orbs of light stretch into infinite. You propel yourself upwards for a better view and find that the surface of the water is lit up like a city at night. You observe the orbs nearby to you, six of them, three blue and three green, dancing with one another, going up and down, up and down, above and below the water, alternating, twisting, spinning, never touching... These orbs seem to be exchanging something, some sort of mist-like energy... all of the orbs are doing this. Suddenly the six orbs start dancing around you... round and round they go...

More and more orbs of all different colours surround you now, in every direction and above and below and your world is soft light and warm water and you just... love it.

You consider diving downwards in an attempt to escape, just in case your senses are being fooled somehow, but this becomes impossible when you find yourself being lifted into the air. You float higher and higher, naked but still warm, looking downwards on the ever-more distant screen of lights. It doesn't seem like a screen for long when all of the orbs explode into smaller lights, swarming faster and faster in every direction, tossing stardust and drops of water about. You begin to spin slowly, not your choice but not against your will, doing backflips through the air. The lights are visible everywhere now, and they are showing you something...

The End

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