Flip around and continue swimming

Darkness and quiet all around, the sound of your breathing your only company.

How did we get ourselves in this mess, Mr. Nugget? you catch yourself wondering. Mr. Nugget? Mr. Nugget!!! Where on Earth did that come from? It must’ve been at least fifteen years since you last remembered your childhood friend. Your imaginary childhood friend.

Sometimes taking shape of an oversized blue rabbit, other times appearing like an ordinary boy slightly older than you, Mr. Nugget has been an indispensable part of your early childhood days. He held your hand in the nights you were certain there were monsters under the bed, listened to your complaints about – yet another – unfair punishment, provided companionship during lonely days of a new kid on the block. Your first friend, the one who was there way before Lilly. Mr. Nugget, suddenly not-so-indispensable once Lilly came. Outgrown, packed away in some memory-box like so much old marbles and faded comic books...while Lilly remained. Lilly, who got you in this hell-hole. Lilly, who you’re going to strangle the first chance you get. Pacifist or no pacifist I’m gonna grab a hold of that slender neck and start to squeeze…you’re suddenly jerked out of your thoughts by something brushing slightly against your arm. You recoil in a flash, skin crawling with goose flesh despite the warmth of the water.

You stay perfectly still for a moment, fighting panic, then - since nothing comes after you – grow curious. What was that? A branch? A fish? Are there fish in this water?  In a spur of a moment you

The End

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