Distant Shores

You might be in a sensory deprivation tank. See, this is why you don't hang out with Lily much anymore. Every time, something odd like this happens. You float around for a minute, enjoying the body-temperature water, and complete darkness, feeling like a ghost. You then go to push up the lid of the tank, ready to get out and get your feet on solid ground again. You reach up, and find nothing above you.This must be one hell of a big tank, you think to yourself. You scrunch up and propel yourself upwards with as much force as you can muster, hand reaching straight up, arms braced for impact with the tank's lid.

Nothing. You fall back into the water with a splash, and start to search for a side exit, swimming over to where a wall should be. You swim for some time, finding nothing; you are beginning to get nervous. Where is the way out? Thinking quickly, you take a deep breath and plunge downwards, looking for another way out. You go as far down as you dare, and find nothing there, either. You resurface, certainly quite far from where you were before, feeling slightly panicky, your blood pounding in your ears.

Something is wrong. Lily said you were both going on a "spiritual and emotional journey", and while it sounded hokey you decided to join in this time because after all you've known here since you were nine. She may have gone all New Age-y, but she's still your friend. But where the hell has she landed you this time?

The End

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