It appeared as if they all shared the next class together as well. Physics. Another dreaded course. Numbers, numbers, numbers, and more numbers. Could you see her point? Numbers were just annoying for her. They were just...numbers. There was everything to hate about them. Everyone hated them. Well, if she was everyone at least. And sometimes Anna did feel like she could speak for everyone about how numbers could be quite boring at times. 

"Physics? That's where I'm going. I like really hate numbers though. They just...annoy me for some reason. I mean they're so boring, right? Who can stand them? At least I can't. They drive me crazy. I just don't like math at all. The concept just bugs me." Anna shivered at the idea of physics. Her least favorite class. She hated it even more than calculus. When it came to physics she just had some mental mind block for some reaon. 

When the bell rang, Anna immediately hopped up, eager to get out of class. Why shouldn't she be excited? This class was one of the most boring of all of them. Her teacher didn't even react, he seemed to be glad that class was over as well. It was quite normal for his students to rush out of the door eagerly, ready to get to a much less boring class such as history or even science. Yes, math teachers were automatically hated at this school. Or nearly any school at that. Math just had something unappealing about it. 

"Well, lets go then! Considering it'll be equally as boring as the last class, maybe even a bit more boring. But anyway, off we go!" she insisted, practically skipping down the hallway to her least-favorite class. Anna was quite optimistic. Everyone could see that. Even everyone who was the opposite of optimistic and didn't want to acknowledge such a happy person who was never frowning. 

On the way to her class, she waved towards a few people and stopped to give a few others hugs. Anna was a huggy person. That was also obvious. You never found her frowning. She ran a hand through her dark brown hair, stopping to talk to a few of her friends, making some arrangements about the next cheerleading meeting or whatever. Which happened to be tomorrow. Then on Friday, game day. Of course cheerleading meetings were turned into talk about boyfriends and doing nails. Of course Anna was one of the few without a boyfriend currently, but she didn't really mind. And following every game, there was a sleepover for the cheerleaders. As well as the girls in the flute section of the band, which happened to be everyone in that section. She alternated between which one she was doing every other week. 

Once she finally made it to class right as the bell was ringing, she'd realized that Jason and Darby had walked on ahead of her, obviously not wanting to get caught up into cheerleader and sleepover talk that she was absorbed in at the moment. 

"Sorry. Just got caught talking up to everyone," she apologized to Jason and Darby as if they were already her best friends. "So..." she began, not realizing if she was really interrupting things. She tended to interrupt without noticing it. Smiling and sliding her necklace around on her neck, she placed her head on her hand and looked at the two of them. "How had your day been so far?" 


The End

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