The typical boring school day

If there was one thing that Anna absolutely hated, it was anything math or number related. Especially calculus. Even if she was an honor roll student and had all A's in her classes, math was just...Grr. Number after number after number. It was just plain boring. So why was she sitting here, looking up at the board with blank, lifeless light blue eyes. People always told her she had pretty eyes, but she never really paid that much attention considering she'd had them the entire life. 

Anna wore a pair of pink and green Nike shorts that were obviously too short for the dress code, but it wasn't like the teachers would have any impact on her about that, a white V-neck tee shirt and a pair of silver sparkly Toms. A typical outfit for her. Normally the shoes weren't sparkly. She had dark brown hair that was worn up and to the right side and pale skin that would not tan no matter how many hours she sat on the beach in the hot sun, allowing the UV rays to soak into her body which seemed to be burning her instead. But she hadn't been up to the beach in at least two weeks, so there weren't any burns on her this time. 

Anna was what some could call the 'main girl' on campus. Not one of those stereotypical cheerleaders who's well you know. Stereotypical. But she was good at making friends, good at getting along with people, a cheerleader, in the band, on the basketball, soccer, and volleyball team, and the one who was always there for somebody when they ended up hurt or something. She'd been elected Homecoming Princess in the years beforehand, and it was only natural that everyone thought she'd be at least nominated for Queen this year. Although she wasn't much of a ceremonial person. 

Despite the fact that she was always happy and getting along with everyone, she could be quite rebellious. Therefore, the short shorts were worn nearly every day, sometimes she wore strapless dresses which weren't allowed, and she didn't really enjoy showing up to ceremonies for the school. And now that Homecoming finally was coming up, all the girls who could obviously be nominated were getting some extra attention, especially when it came to the subject of the Homecoming dance. Which was the only thing on Anna's mind at the moment. 

She found herself glancing around the classroom, looking at the different guys. The first person she saw was Jason, but he seemed to be talking to that Darby girl who Anna didn't quite know that well, and she simply liked him as a friend. Running a hand through her hair as she was given a paper, she realized she had no idea what they were supposed to do. 

"Psst! Jason!" she insisted, tapping the boy in front of her. "Is this homework?" she asked him. "I sort of zoned out. I was thinking about the dance and all." Anna was completely open about her feelings, especially with guys. They just seemed more real at times. That's what guys liked anyways, right? That was what she'd heard at least. 

Anna turned to look at Darby, giving her a small smile. She didn't really know the girl. Was she new or something? Anna had to admit she'd never really seen her around. "I'm Anna," she whispered to the other girl. "You're Darby, right?" she asked, playing it cool for now. She was just being polite, not wanting to exclude Darby. 

The last few days had been quite frantic. Everyone was talking about that fire. The fire. Where that boy was saved by what everyone was saying was some sort of angel. It must've been, right? It was the only possible thing that made sense. Unless there was some night in shining armor to come save everybody. Just the idea of that was making all the girls have dreamy-eyes, wishing that someone would come save them from some fire. Of course every girl wanted a night in shining armor. Even Anna. 

"Did you guys hear about the fire. He was saved by a fireman. But I heard that none of the firemen remember saving the boy. I heard it was some sort of angel or something. Isn't that like really cool? It's been on my mind ever since I heard about it. Did that kid go to our school or something? Simon, right? I've just been wondering what kind of effect that had on him. I'd probably be traumatized forever if I was even in a fire."

The End

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