All hours of the day

Jason sat in his classroom, the morning sun shining through the window of the east wing. The class was going over the concept of imaginary numbers in calculus, but all he could think about was the events that had happened yesterday.

When he got home, he was covered in soot. He didn't know what to do at first, with his hard breathing. His mind was a mess; what had just happened?

Jason remember heading through his bedroom and straight into his bathroom and jumping into the shower. His whole body tingled, like someone had set off millions of firecrackers all over his body. He stood underneath the jet stream of water, seeking the pulsating beads of water to work their magic, and clean him of his uncertainties…

“… Jason please raise your hand so that Darby can find you.”

Jason swung his head around, looking at the teacher who was looking at him. Next to her was, admittedly, Darby.

Darby was a frail-looking girl, her neck stretched forward as she looked around the room, obviously not have spotted him yet. She had oak-colored hair that ran along her forehead and over her black-rimmed glasses. Her pasty skin could barely hide the icy-blue eyes that scanned each person in the room silently, who each looked back at her were a bizarre fascination.

Jason raised his hand a little goofy, bewildered by her. She spotted him, her eyes lighting up, and she began to awkwardly make her way to her seat next to him in the classroom. She moved awkwardly, but Jason couldn’t take his eyes off of her, the way that she moved so shyly, something inside of him began to stir. It started as a washing over him, and it wasn’t long before, before he felt frozen as she sat next to him.

“Um, hello.” She said softly, nestled in her seat.

In a snap, the feeling was gone. “hello!” he said in a sing-song voice. He was back to his old self, Mr. popular, Mr. congenial, Mr. Valedictorian.

Simon followed his mother into their home. Taking one last look at the charred remains of the house at the corner of 8th and Fluer. Long before it burned down, the owners had moved out; he wasn’t even going to suffer any consequences.

“Sit down,” His father commanded. Simon looked at both of his parents, who were in the family room, the two seated on the couch, with the piano bench serving as the interrogation seat. Simon couldn’t say that he didn’t expect it; his parents hadn’t said anything to him the whole ride from the emergency room, and he hadn’t said anything to them since the doctor let them into the examination room. When they asked him how he was doing, he only gave them a shrug.

“We need to talk to you about your behavior these past few months.” His mother began. “You haven’t been yourself. You’ve been cooped up in your room at all hours of the day. You don’t go out and hang out with you friends like you used to.”

“Son, what gives?” His father asked simply. “You mope around the house whenever you do come out of your room, and we haven’t heard you play a note on the piano in the longest time. Are you sick of it?”

Simon hadn’t been looking at his parents the entire time. His mind was on yesterday, trying to remember what happened, though his mind drew a blank. A sad, sorrowful blank, one that he couldn’t get through.

“Simon?” His mom asked after the silence had gone on for what seemed to be too long. “What were you doing in that house?”

Simon looked up at them, both of his parents stared at him, their eyes locked on him. He looked away quickly, trying to keep the heat of their gazes off of him. “I was… looking to see if someone was trapped inside… Got disoriented… was dragged out by a fireman.”

“Well, thank God you’re here.” His dad said.

Simon smirked, but he thought otherwise.

Jason stayed after class, waiting for Darby to get her stuff together so that they could get tot their next class. When she stepped out, he was waiting for her.

"Thanks for that." She smiled.

Jason nodded, also smiling. "No problem. What's your next class?"

Darby took a quick glance. "Physics."

" Then i will lead the way." Jason said.

Darby smiled, and the two headed off.

Simon closed the door to his room and collapsed on the bed. it was eleven-thirty in the morning, and he was exhuasted. His dad was off to work, and his mom had to make a few phone calls.

the three of them had been talking for hours since they got in their house that morning. they had forgiven for his "attempt to save anyone trapped inside the building." But they decided to have him visit a couselor at church.

Simon stared off miserably. Church? that was the last place that he wanted to go. those people were only going to do what they knew how to do, and he shuddered at the thought of it. As he lay there, he felt the fatigue wash over him, and he saw his eyelids get very heavy...

The End

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