a teeneaged boy's suicide attempt is thwarted by a classmate and a home-schooled girl across the street. it's soon after that the three soon learn that they have introspective gifts from God.

Simon/Israel--when he presses his ears against another persons heart, he can witness their memories.

Jason--his eyes allow him to see many things.

Darby--her words have more power than one would think...

Simon crawled under the covers, his blue jeans and white t-shirt hanging onto his scrawny body. he thought about what he had just done, why he had done it. a sigh escaped him. he wasn't sure if his breathing was even real anymore. He lay on his side, the dirty blonde hair sprawled limply along his face. He looked to the ceiling, his blue eyes examining the white paint that seemed to dance with his pulsating heartbeat, jumping towards him and back in the rave-like tone that beat in his ears.

"Why?" he thought to the ceiling. "Why am i like this? Why forsake me?"

Everything froze. for a split second, the dancing ceiling stopped, the musical beat was paused, and Simon understood. it was because he was meant to be foresaken. that startling realization froze him while the music played on, and he let the ceiling dance, feeling like he just experienced a moment where the wall stood him up. went and danced with another guy.

the spread out paper caught fire, slowly, like the way cancer spreads throught the body. what started out as a match in the left side of the room had turned into the dresser now, and the pile of clothes...

smoke begun to fill his lungs, the black poison choking him slowly. he begun to wheeze, but didn't bother to cover his mouth. he kept coughing, forcing himself to cough, because if he didn't he'd scream. how could he not scream at the very thought that something that was everywhere, and with all power, despised him so?

"but i didn't want this..." he thought as his fits would fit no more. he tried to breathe, but his breath never came.


Jason walked the road, his back pack slung over his shoulder as he headed for home. Unlike most of his classmates, he didn't feel like driving his car everywhere around, decided to use this time to reflect on what a wonderful God he had.

Jason was seventeen, with a 4.0  GPA. At about 5'9", he wasn't the tallest, but he was atheltic, in the JROTC program at his high school. His brown hair was buzz shaved. Not a crew cut, but a little more than peach fuzz. His friends at school commented on his natural Charisma, and he had no problem making friends.

Jason turned the corner to the neighborhood before his and froze. on the far end of the block, the last house on the left, there was a burning mass. Jason flung his phone out of his jacket pocket and  raced down the street.

"991, what is the nature of you emergency?" the operator answered.

"Yeah, i got a burning house on the corner of 8th and Warwick!' He panted into the phone.

"Units are on the way."

Jason hung up and sped up, flinging himself into the door. the heat took him by sur prise, and he threw his backpack out of the house as he looked around, the stairs were in front of him, but he had to make sure that no one was on the first floor.

"Hello?!" He yelled. the flames licked the banister. the downstairs living room had several portraits of the family that lived here, the heat beginning to wear away the candles that were placed on the ink tables.

Jason turned again, but something caught his attention. it was a glint. a small glint of light, like the rflection off of a necklace. He looked around, and saw it again at the top of the stairs. he raced up and came to a hallway that headed off in two directions. Jason yelled once again.


he turned to his left, and raced down a couple of steps before he dove backward. Splintered wood flew above him and a coloum of fire shot out of the the former doorway. "back drafts," he thought. "watch out for back drafts."

he moved back to the staircase, the heat becoming to much to bear, when he saw the glint again, right before it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"HEY!" he called out. Jason headed down that corridor. that glint wasn't moving by itself, which meant people.

Coming to the last door on the right. He began to bang on it. "Hello?" he was about reach for the lock when he felt the urge to kick it. He took a step back and dropped-kick that door.

the door broke in two and launched over him as another back draft pushed through to the opposite door. getting up, he saw the inside of the room.

most of the room was alight, but the bed, except for the few wisps, was un touched. he raced to the side of the bed, his eyes on the unconcious boy in the middle of the mattress. he was covered in soot, as was Jason, but he looked laborous, troubled.

"HEY!" he called, shaking him. the boy wuldn't move.

Jason scooped the young boy onto his seat, then turned around and hoisted him onto his back. "Okay, Jason" he said to himself. "how're going to get yourself out of this one?"

Jason looked around a moment, then trudged off into the hallway.

Simon looked around. all of his surroundings were unfamiliar. he was small, he could barely  reach the kitchen table top, where an older man sat with a kind face. He was young, with hair that fell orderly and boring.

"Daddy?" Young Simon asked. huh? that's not my dad!

the man looked down, smiled, and wrapped his big arms around the younger Simon. "Yes, my little Jason?"


"Do you think that i'll be as big and strong as you someday?" Youg Simon asked, much more like a little boy than a seventeen-year-old.

the man chuckled. "Yes, my dear son. you will. just stay in God and his ways, and you will."

Simon didn't say anything, but just listened to himself chuckle innocently, inside, his heart tearing himself apart.

Jason walked out of the house as the firetrucks began to come down the street. he set Simon down, and truned to leave, before he got mixed up in all of this, but stopped, and rushed a small prayer by his ears.

"Father, watch over him. I've done all that i can."

As the fire trucks pulled over, Jason took off.

The End

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