Chapter 1: The Calamity

First chapter of a story I'm working on currently about 2 twin brothers who are go through a hardship and end up with completely different fates.

          The moon, only a few moments before was shining bright in a clear night sky, now hardly visible through thick black smoke. The light from it which acted as a lantern, now replaced by the great blaze of a burning town. Two children boys about the age of 12, Zaydin and Zane, looked on from a thick forest nearby. They breathed slightly heavy from running as the flames flickered under the blackened smoke in a hellish scene. Zane fell to his knees, silent tears falling down his blood splattered and ash smeared face as he covered it with his hands. Zaydin silently knelt beside him, putting his arms over his shoulders comfortingly and resting his head on his brothers. His hair falling over his eyes that released tears as well, making an ugly mixture with  the blood and ash on his own face. Both had brown hair and green eyes with strikingly similar faces as you’d expect from twins. He gripped Zane tightly as they cried in together with the smell of charred homes and flesh in the air around them. Soon a sound broke the silence of their sorrow and the boys looked up to find a soldier in front of them, holding a gun pointed straight at them. Their eyes grew wide with fear as the light from the flames danced on the gun and the helmet that covered the man's face. “A few stragglers, huh?” the soldier said unemotionally, “Sorry but orders are to kill everyone, leave no one alive. Time to join the rest of your family.”

          He tilted his gun slightly as he began to squeeze the trigger. Zaydin shoved his brother away as the loud bang of the bullet being pushed from its home in the barrel echoed through the night. Zane fell onto his back on the ground of the forest as Zaydin fell onto his side and let out a wail in pain. He sat up slightly, cringing, and grabbed his arm just below his shoulder, blood running through his fingers and down his arm from under the short sleeve of his shirt. “Zaydin!!” cried Zane, propped up on his elbows staring at Zaydin’s arm in shock.

          Zaydin looked at the soldier again and saw him aiming his gun towards the Zane. “Zane, run!!” he yelled.

          Zane looked at the soldier and sat paralyzed his eyes filled with terror as he stared at the barrel of the gun. “Run, stupid!!!!!” screamed Zaydin again.

         Zane stood and started to run as fast as he could among the black trees as the man opened fire at him, the bullets luckily missing him as he ran. Zaydin grabbed a thick branch that laid beside him, turning towards the man and drove it into his thigh as hard as he could, piercing through his pants and deep into his leg. The man let out a loud scream in pain and dropped his gun as he fell to the ground, grabbing his leg. Zaydin watched the man a moment as he groaned in pain and cursed at him, till the sound of more men running towards them broke is stare. He stood and began to run blindly through the trees holding his arm tightly, the blood still flowing down his arm and dripping off his fingertips.

          The sound of of his brother’s scream in the distance made him stop in his tracks. He turned around and looked back from the way he came standing still in the darkness, breathing heavy as he tried to see through the black. Again his brothers voice echoed, he searched the night frantically and hopelessly. He opened his mouth slightly to call out for him but had stopped himself, he knew if he was to yell back they’d only find him as well. He stood frozen for a moment then dropped to his knees beside a tree. He took his hand off his arm and took his first look at the damage by the bullet, but looked away quickly closing his eyes the moment he saw the bloody hole in his arm. He leaned against the tree and gripped his arm fiercely, blood covering his hands now as he grimaced with pain his fear turning to anger. Sitting on the cold forest floor, bleeding and crying he made a vow. He swore, that one day, he’d make them pay, make them suffer for what they’ve done. He’d get his revenge on them all.


The End

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