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Two days later. Day2 Coma.


            I look across at Cal, her eyes, though bloodshot, are firmly fixed on the doctor, and her hands are folded calmly in her lap.

“Alex has suffered a severe fracture to the back of his skull.” he paused, “This means that along with the current coma, he could - if and when he wakes up, suffer from severe memory loss and complete change in personality. People have been known to wake up with different accents, new identities, anything and everything, however, currently, in his state of health, we believe that ensuring that he wakes up is the most important factor in the road to his recovery. The longer he is unconscious however, the less likely he is to -”

“Please, stop talking.” I say suddenly, noting the breaking state of Calli’s expression, “please, you’re breaking her heart.” I keep repeating it; he just stares at me, surprised.

“Sir, Mr. Harris, this is only for the best, this is the best way to get it over with, straight out in the op-”

“Shut up, shut up, for God’s Sake, SHUT UP!” Calli screams, her voice squeaking loudly out of her throat, “Tom, thank you for trying to make it better, and you -” she turns to the doctor, wiping her eyes, “You don’t need to tell me anything. I have got so much faith in you and this hospital, Alex has worked here for almost 3 years now, and after all he’s put into this place,  I don’t need you to turn around and tell me that my husband is just going to…to-to lay there and die.” she stood up and replaced the chair beneath the doctors desk.

“I’m going to go and sit by him, OK?” she says quietly, tears still pouring down her face, “I’m going to go and make sure he doesn’t know that he’s alone.”


*Two Years Before*


            Alex stood in the middle of the dance floor, looking around for his partner. His dark costume didn’t seem to stand out in the crowd, almost everyone was dressed as a witch or vampire; he was just standing, dressed almost the same, alone in the middle of the loud, thumping, horrible floor.

“Alex!” he heard her voice, she was stood waiting patiently on the edge of the crowd, “Alex, over here… do you want to dance?”

“Always.” he whispered as he took her hand, gripping her fingers tightly. He wrapped his arms around her, trying not to get distracted by the cat’s tail hanging from her belt. “Why did you come as a Black Cat?” he said quietly, gauging his step so he looked like he knew what he was doing as they attempted to get some space on the dancefloor to turn in.

“Cos I heard you were a cat person, what, were my sources lying to me?” she said, her eyes betraying the laughter made unnoticeable by her blank-but-serious face, “I’ll have to deal with them…”

“No, no, I definitely am a cat person… I just… wasn’t sure you were this confident with yourself.”

“Are you saying that I’m ugl-?”

“That you’re shy, Cal. Just as beautiful, but shy. I mean… you’ve barely said two words to anyone but me or Tom. I just didn’t think you’d -”

“Alex, you’ll get to know me eventually, I can guarantee it.” he span her around, under his arm as though they were ballroom dancing. As she fell back onto their slow dance position, he held her just that little bit tighter and waited for the end of forever.



The End

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