Chapter 3Mature

I woke up the next day to the sound of a screaming alarm clock, dead set on doing what I had set out before me the night before.


Afternoon before.

 How long have I been sleeping?


A glance over at the alarm clock tells me it’s 3 in the morn.


Thirteen hours.


“Okay, maybe I’ll just take a little break from City,” I started to lay out a new plan as I paced around the basement, “Since it is gonna be a bitch to get back to where I was when the power went out, so I’ll just go eat something, call mom, and see if I was hallucinating or not yesterday.”

Good. Having a game plan is good. Though due to the extreme fatigue I’m feeling, it’s easier said than done.


First thing’s first, gonna go get a bagel.


“Hey, ho, diddly I

Diddly I de do

O’er the hillside

And the mountains we go…”


I tried to remember where exactly I had heard that song – Was it on a video game? TV?

Did I just make it up here on the spot?

Huh. Not sure. But it’s catchy.


“Hey, ho, diddly I…”


As I spread the cream cheese across the raw bagel, I heard a noise. A sort of moaning noise.

Though it sorta sounded like someone trying to impersonate a lawn mower.

I shrugged it off, and continued to spread as I sang.


As I turned around and was about to take a delicious bite of bagel, the sight outside the patio door caused me to drop it.

Cream cheese on the floor, not a problem, but Mr. Polo outside clawing at my door with one arm, the other seemed to be missing, yes. Definitely a problem.

I started to piece it together in my slow brain as I cautiously stepped a bit closer to the glass door. Mrs. Nilly, the abandoned cul-de-sac, and now Mr. Polo…



You’ve been training for this your whole life, now go, go, go!


I twirl the joystick around, making me run back downstairs. A small box pops up as I stand in front of my baseball bat. It read, “Pick up?”

With a press of the green triangle, it’s in my hand and I’m heading back upstairs.

Oh, you want a piece of me? R1 opens the door, and Mr. Polo starts his own attack.


Round 2!



X, X, X’s all around!

Mr. Polo, being not a fragile old lady, is a bit tougher to beat. But he seems to have only one form of attack – Unless he also has a critical move, but I’ll have to find that out. He basically swipes. Sometimes from the right, and sometimes he lifts his arm up and goes at it that way.

Fairly simple to block or dodge, O for when he reaches up, and square for blocking when he swipes from the right.

He’s also vulnerable on the left when he reaches back to swipe. X when that happens.

HP slowly draining, O, X, square, X.

Take that, you zombie-ass-I-drive-an-SUV douchebag!




Round 2 over!

You win!

The End

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