Chapter TwoMature

The dodge button for The City, a video game I had recently become obsessed with, (in which three guys fighting their way out of their zombie infested city, then fighting their way back in after they see the rest of the world is even more zombie infested,) was the red O.

And when Mrs. Nilly swiped at me with a hand that, and I hadn’t noticed this before, had flesh hanging off it. Really, you could see a lot of scuffed up bone.

But when she swiped at me, in my head, I pressed the O button and leaned to the right.

And she swiped again, and once more, O.  


Round 1! FIGHT!  


Oh, you’re gonna try and bite me? Well, meet the X button, when I press it like THIS – It whacks you on the head.


Aha, your HP is draining! Wanna try and bite me now? X! X! X!  



Round 1 over!



I stood over Mrs. Nilly’s lifeless body, trembling. I didn’t even know I could lift a baseball bat, let alone kill a sweet old lady who used to give me cookies and who always gave me more candy at Halloween and who – Oh, God! I killed Mrs. Nilly!

Who was that person? That wasn’t me. I don’t even hit girls. Oh shit, did anyone see?  


I looked around the quaint cul-de-sac I grew up in, finally noticing my surroundings.

Trash cans were overturned, all the cars were gone besides Mr. Ule’s, which was parked in – literally, in – his house. It was eerily quiet for a…wait, what day is it?  


I rush back inside, paying one more apologetic glance at the crumpled heap that was Mrs. Nilly, and check the calendar stuck to the fridge.

Let’s see, last time I left the house was Saturday, went to Slacker’s and bought The City, swung by Wal-Mart and got some chips, haven’t left the basement since, okay, so that was…

Eight days ago, if I’m not mistaken. Because Mom left Monday for Dallas, and that was six days ago, so it’s…



I walk back outside to resume my place next to Mrs. Nilly.

Where was I…

Oh, right, it was eerily quiet for a Sunday, usually kids would be outside riding bikes and playing in sprinkles, no, it’s fall, jumping in leaves. “Where is everyone…?”  


God, I’m too tired to figure this out, I think I’ll just drag Mrs. Nilly into my backyard so no one finds her, go to sleep, maybe play some City when I wake up, then find out where everyone’s gone.


This is a good plan.

The End

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