A foreign race of ancient inhabitants of planet Earth decides to take back what is theirs, a world stolen from them thousands of years ago. Will humanity stand up to their evil influence? Two young souls, each belonging to a completely different world, are dragged into a distorted reality, unwitting of their quest to discover that all is not lost, as long as hope in a better world still exists.

More than 10,000 years ago, planet Earth was inhabited by highly developed, technologically advanced nations, who struggled for countless generations to obtain peace among each other. When solid peace was at long last established, early humans could finally live side by side with the descendants of the surviving nations. Both races looked the same and could be regarded as equals, although genetically the descendants were far more progressed and they clearly surpassed humans in many different fields.

In those days, humanity prospered, by learning from the descendants and by integrating a share of their knowledge into human civilization. Humans became more educated and slowly enriched their lives with many promising aspects of a brand-new culture.

Unfortunately, not all descendants were happy with this kind of evolution, especially since some still regarded themselves as “higher beings”. And so it happened that a minority started to scheme against, what they repeatedly called, “the unnatural balance” between humans and descendants. Some started to take advantage of their genetic superiority, some even went as far as to openly call for war on the “inferior race”. Although this kind of “misbehavior” was severely convicted by the elderly descendants in charge of maintaining peace and prosperity, the long-lasting balance between humans and descendants was about to be disrupted.

Out of nowhere, and totally unannounced, came Aten Ra-Horakhty, a descendant who called himself the only cosmocrat worth ruling the entire planet. He wanted to resurrect the former glory and traditions of his people, in which humans only had submissive roles. The elders resisted, but they were forced to witness a rupture between peaceful descendants and Aten’s followers, the Atonists. What followed was a raging conflict that claimed innumerable lives from all parties involved, including humans.

The struggle lasted for years and would have claimed many more victims if the descendants, fighting to restore the balance, wouldn’t have invented interdimensional passageways, portals to other worlds, where time and space sometimes behave differently than on Earth. Some of these passageways are unidirectional, so once you cross it, there is absolutely no way of returning. So this was the plan, to lure Aten Ra-Horakhty and his followers in such a one-way portal, to trap them on a planet where time moves much slower than on Earth. They would not be able to return, and even when they would find a way, by then, humans should have been given enough time to catch up on their technological, and perhaps even on their genetical shortcomings to defend themselves against such a savage opponent.

Aten Ra-Horakhty was not an easy man to fool, so to succeed in their plans, descendants and humans had to come up with an ingenious plan. It was the most insane decision that humans ever made. Under the pretence that humans finally decided to return to their submissive roles, a “Blood Feast” was organized in honor of their superior masters. One thousand humans were to be sacrificed as a peace offer. An unimaginable heavy price to pay, but the only way to trick Aten Ra-Horakhty and his followers to gather and to weaken their guard for a few hours. And with a lot of luck and by some kind of divine intervention, the plan actually worked.

The day was marked as both devastating and victorious. The Atonists disappeared from planet Earth and a true peace could finally be established. But the descendants knew better. They knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before resistance would pop up again. After this sour victory, they knew that they couldn’t stay either. So the elders decided to create another passageway, one that would lead all descendants to another dimension, where time would almost flow the same than on Earth. From there, they could live separated from the humans, while still keeping an eye on their safety.

From that point onward, no more “higher beings” remained on the planet. Humans were left with an abundance of guidelines and tools, to better shape their prosperous future. Now that they had been left to develop in peace, there was no more reason to doubt that humanity would succeed in this endeavor. And so humans started to write their own history, one that they would have total control of, or so they thought...

The End

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