Discretely done

Premise is a city has a loosely aligned group of homeless who look out for each other and the public. They have been out of luck but cling to the hope that together they can use their street level contacts to contribute to society and do good deeds and maybe because they do this society might not forget about them and write them off.

Within the course of the tale a council keen to give the pretence that it is cleaning up the city and a superficially zealous police commissioner launch a campai

It was the smells that really got to Noel whenever he really got to thinking about it. Throughout a day the inner city streets appeared to him by turns gestationary, promising, enthusiastic, joyous, regretful, sombre and desolate. It was stunning to observe this transformation occur daily. Perched on his step at the corner of Franklin and Bernard he had a perfect spot from which to observe it all.

The raucous symphony of the city also ebbed and flowed continuously throughout the day, building to a crescendo at midday and again in the evening, all the while with the clattering rumble underneath.

The End

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