The New World

Chapter Two-

  Suddenly, I slammed down hard onto the damp, ground. I heard Jessica moan in pain, “Ouch!” I got up slowly, surveying the area.  I didn`t know where the heck I was, but it was so beautiful. The spot were I landed was a lovely meadow. There were flowers everywhere, and instead of trees there were breathtaking tree-shaped purple and blue crystals.  I saw Jessica get up slowly. “Mmmm…Nellie, where are we? This is not the forest!” Jess asked. “I don’t know, Jess. Let`s look around.” I said. “What?! Are you crazy? We have no idea where we are and you want to go look around?!” “Um...yeah. Let`s look for someone who can help us.” I scanned my surroundings one more time, and a couple miles to my left I saw the prettiest thing I had ever seen. It was a castle, the most beautiful castle in the world. It was high and tall, and was blue and purple, matching the tree-crystals. It reminded you of Cinderella`s dream castle, only made of crystals, and in a strange forest. “Jessica….” I whispered. She turned in my direction and her mouth fell open. “Whoa…” She gasped. “Let`s go there, and see if anyone can help us.”  I   suggested. I took Jess`s hand once again, and we ran as fast as we could to that beautiful place.  Once we were there, Jessica let go of my hand. “Nellie…look at this place. I don`t know if we should go in.”  “Hmmm…well, if anyone is in here, I`m sure that they can help us.” Jessica gulped. “Okay.” She replied. We walked up the stairs to a huge, crystal door. “Well…what do we do, knock?” I asked. “Uh…I guess so?” Jessica said.  I grasped the huge moon-shaped sapphire door-knocker, and tapped it lightly against the door. We waited a minute, and then the door creaked open. “Well, look who it is!” A   mysterious, thin, blond haired-woman with purple skin announced. “Come on, inside! We`ve been waiting for you.” Jessica and I exchanged confused glances. The strange lady led us into the most beautiful room I had ever seen. The walls were a beautiful shade of baby blue, and there were crystal lamps and decorations everywhere. Moon and sun paintings, pins, and even a chandelier were in that breathtaking room, but the best thing I saw was a huge throne. It looked like it was made of diamonds. Sitting on the throne was a woman. She had pale blue skin, white iridescent hair, a pair of luminescent wings fluttering from her back, and she was wearing a glistening off-white gown and a shimmering crown on her head. Jess and I both gasped in astonishment. I know I was rude, but…I was curious…”Who are you?! Where are we?” I demanded. “Hem-hem!” Jess coughed. “Er…ma’am?” I added. “Welcome, Jessica and Nellie,” the woman on the throne said.

The End

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