Discovering Peter

A young Journalist, Jannie, finds a small boy; Peter; having fallen out a tree...

Jannie could not believe what had just fallen out of the nearby oak tree. A young boy no older than eight was lying on the ground, surrounded by a carpet of leaves.

A scream of pain echoed around Mossfield Park. Jannie ran over to the boy and pulled out her mobile phone without thinking. That was when the boy spoke.

“Don’t, I’m not hurt.”

Jannie continued to ring 999. When the person on the other end picked up and Jannie explained her situation, the boy tried to turn over and crawl away. That was when Jannie noticed it; the boy was bleeding from the back.

Jannie ended her call and examined the boy. He wailed again and she left his wound alone. She asked the boy what his name was and he replied: “Peter.”

“Where do you live Peter?”

“64 Grapely Drive.”

“O.K. Peter the ambulance men are coming and they will soon look after you much better than I can.”

“Yes,” Peter mumbled.

“Peter, listen to me you have to stay awake. Peter. Peter!”

That was when the ambulance sirens could be heard in the distance. The birds took from the trees except from the one Peter had fallen from. Jannie felt a chill in the air it was unpleasant but she shook it off. There was something fishy going on and she was going to find out what it was.

Two people in bright yellow coats came running over to Jannie and Peter; she was yelling at them that Peter was unconscious.

The man in the fluorescent yellow coat asked Jannie what the boys name was and where he lived. She answered both questions confidently, he then asked Jannie how old Peter was but she had no answer to that question so she gave him her rough guess.

The ambulance man took over and Jannie stood and watched. The two people examined Peter and then they turned him over. It was then Jannie saw the bleeding again and the man asked her how this happened. She said she didn’t know. Jannie was now in a state of shock as she now realised the extent of Peter’s injuries, and went as white as a sheet. The lady doctor asked her if she was alright she said no and sat down.

When Peter was taken to hospital Jannie decided to go and visit Peters home. She had heard of Grapely Drive. It was a road which was crammed full of 1960s’ jerry built homes that had never been demolished. A place for the desperately poor and those down on their luck. Jannie continued walking down the road but she couldn’t help but feel she was being watched. A man who was washing his car looked at Jannie and sneered at her. She came to number 64 and noticed there was something wrong about it. Either it was the fact that the house looked slightly out of place for all its beauty in the garden or the fact that even though the garden was done the house itself looked like it hadn’t been lived in for years.

The windows were boarded up and the doors were nailed into their frames.

This was no family home this was a squat.

Jannie climbed over the gate into the back garden and walked around to the back door. She tried the handle but it wouldn’t budge so she picked up a rock from the dead flower beds and threw it through the pane of glass in the door so that it smashed.

Climbing in the back door window proved more difficult than she thought it would be and when she did finally get in it was not what she had expected.

The house was furnished but was dusty. Maybe this wasn’t a squat at all it seemed to be a house but it obviously hadn’t been lived in for some time.

The furniture in the living room was less dusty than that in the kitchen but was still unsuitable for living.

Jannie was confused. Why had Peter told her to come here? She was going to have to do some more investigating.

She went out the way she had come in and walked back round to the front to take one last look at the house although she had a feeling she was going to be coming back.

The End

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