Nellie and Jessica are two tween girls. They seem to have a normal life. But one summer, they discover a magical world. When they are entrusted with it`s fate, their lives will change, forever.

Have you ever felt like there was something magical in your life, but you had to find it?

Probably not, but I do, and I always have.  Most people think I`m getting caught up in fantasies, especially my best friend Jessica Morely, but I know I`m not imagining this incredible feeling-it’s real.  My name is Nellie Tazun, and I am 12 years old.  It is a Tuesday, late afternoon, in the summer, and Jessica and I are sitting on the porch of my Mom and Dad`s small red brick house.

 Chapter One-

  “Nellie! Nellie, are you alright?!” Jess asked. “Um…yeah.” I said, tucking a strand of my chin-length honey-blonde hair behind my ear. I saw a look of confusion on Jessica`s small face.  “I was just…thinking.” I explained. “Thinking? About what? You`re not thinking about that “magic” stuff again, are you?” She asked. “Yeah, I was. Jessica, I can`t shake the feeling that it`s real.” I said. “Well…it`s not rational, or logical, or anything like that. It`s not real!”

    That`s Jessica for you. Always looking at the rational side of things. She is a year older than me, and looks older, too, with her brown hair up in a tight ponytail like some teacher, and circle-shaped glasses. Sometimes I think she needs to loosen up, and act like a kid for once. “Jess, I just…”  I was going to finish my sentence, but then I heard a beautiful voice. An elegant, melodious voice like nothing I had ever heard before.  It was almost singing. I was too mesmerized to really pay attention to what she was saying, but I did make out one sentence: “Go to the forest.”  Was I imagining this, or was it real? Was I going crazy? I needed answers to these questions, and there was only one way to get them.  “Jess, let`s go to the forest.” I said, getting up. “Hmmm? Why do you want to go to the forest?” She asked. I didn`t know what to do:  say that I was crazy, or to lie and say something else? I value honesty, so, of course the only option was to tell the truth. “Um…Jess, you`re going to hate me for this but, I, uh…heard a voice, and I want to…I need to go there…to the forest!” I said. Jessica gasped. “Are you serious? Fine…I`ll go with you, but you have to promise me something.”  “What is it?!” I asked.    “If we don`t find anything-and we won`t-will you promise-no, not promise, swear to drop this whole magic business?”   I groaned. It was obvious what she wanted, and I wouldn`t do it. I sighed. “Jess, I won`t promise. This is what I want you to do, and if you don`t want to do it, then I`ll go alone.” I said, firmly.  Jessica looked angry, like she had lost a battle. I could tell by her expression that she was pondering what to say. “You know what? I`ll go with you, Nellie. I don`t know why, but…I feel like I should. I`m curious, about this voice you heard…maybe its something cool and…well, I want to go-without complaining.” Jessica said. That really surprised me, mostly because Jess was agreeing with me, which rarely happened. Without hesitation, I grabbed her hand and ran to the forest.

     While we were running, I noticed something about the moon, something different. It looked more radiant then usual, up there in the sky. But who was I to judge the moon? Better yet, why did I notice and why did I care? Something was really strange, here. Jess and I were almost to the forest, when she let go of my hand and stopped, catching her breath. “Nellie…,” she huffed, “I…are you sure you want to go? I mean, the voice you heard could have just-” I cut her short. “I thought you said ‘no complaining’, didn`t you?” Jess sighed, “Yeah, yeah. Let`s go Nellie.”  Once at the forest, I stopped and scanned the area. I saw a somewhat ominous glow in the distance. “Hey, Jess, what do you think that is?” I asked, pointing to it. “I don`t know, but it doesn`t look natural, Nellie.” Jessica shivered. I could tell that she was nervous. “Huh…well, let`s go find out.” She was hesitant, but I took her hand and almost dragged her there. When we were several feet away from the glow, everything was silent. No birds chirping, no grasshoppers, no owls, no sound at all. It was just wrong. I took a step closer, but Jess grasped my wrist. “Nellie, this isn`t normal. C’mon, we can go back to your house and talk this out….please?” I`ll admit, I felt impatient, but curious. “Jess…no. I don`t want to wait, let`s go.”  Jessica looked so nervous, she was almost sweating. She sighed, and nodded her head. As we drew nearer we saw an almost oval shape, like a glowing mirror. It was so beautiful, so mesmerizing. It was swirling inside, like a vortex, and I wanted to go see what it was right then and there. But I had to wait for Jessica to calm down, because I think she was about to faint. When she was ready, we stepped forward.  I held Jessica`s hand, and reached my other hand to the mirror. My hand went right through the glass, like it was nothing but air. I was about to take my hand out, but suddenly I was spinning and the forest was circling around me. My hand was still clutched to Jessica`s and I closed my eyes. I didn`t know what was happening, but this was not the forest, anymore.

The End

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