Discordant Love Song

Matilda can still remember her first boyfriend.
It's the spring of 2006, and her friend Amanda keeps pestering her to start dating. So Matilda decides to go out with Steve, the boy who always asks her for help in math class. Steve is cute, he's in a band, and while he's kind of immature he at least seems nice. It should work out.
It doesn't.

I've never been in love, but that doesn't mean I haven't tried. There was Adam Lewis, who I met at work; we didn't last very long. There was Brandon Franklin, who I met at a Halloween party in university; he was okay, but he ended up moving away after we graduated. There was Arturo Ramirez, who I met while on vacation in Mexico, but he probably doesn't count. And, of course, there was my first boyfriend, from high school.

His name was Steve Stankowski. It's been ten years since we had tried dating, but it doesn't feel that long ago. Steve isn't an easy guy to forget.

Let me set the scene for you: it was 2006. Facebook was only for university students at that point -- everybody had MySpace instead. We used MSN Messenger for IMing. There were no smartphones or tablets, so no dating apps, no Tinder. Cell phones were for making calls only. Nobody brought laptops to class. iPods were considered a big thing. Netflix was still sending DVDs to people in the mail.

It seems so backwards now, but it was the world we lived in. And it was what made us the way we were. Sometimes I wonder what I would have been like as a teenager now, ten years later. Maybe I would have been worse. Who knows?

The End

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