To New York

     "Excuse me," I asked, " could you spare some money."

     "Yes, of course," said some lady I didn't know.

      I was shocked when she dropped two twenties into my hands.

      "Thank you," I said.

       I didn't even have to control her mind, I thought, Wow!

       "Hey," I turned around as a police man yelled, "Who are you?"

        "John," I said aytomatically, not wanting to give away my name.

         "Well, John," The police man said, "Shouldn't you be in school?"

        " Um, no," I replied.

        The police man got a dazed look in his eyes, "Ok," he answered, then walked away. I let out an audible, "phew".

       "You're not safe yet," I heard a woman say.

      "Oh no," I said as a bulap sack was put over my head.



The End

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